Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Special New Paper Doll Dress

Victoria's pretty new best Sunday dress

I'd been putting off doing any new paper doll things for a while. I think we all needed a bit of a change for a few weeks, don't you?

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This special dress is a gift from Grandmother Lacey. Victoria is very pleased and grateful for this new addition to her wardrobe. She is especially pleased with the floral pattern in the fabric of the dress. 

There is to be a splendid dinner at her Aunt and Uncle Lacey's this coming Sunday. For her younger cousins there will be games and playful music. If it rains, the children's gathering will take place inside, in the very grand Conservatory, while the adults will enjoy the day in the dining and music rooms. Cousin Mercy's new husband, Tom has promised to bring along a new camera he has very lately purchased.

I've included all 5 different hair colors, each one with its own copy of the outfit's hat.

This outfit did require hours of work before it could be made to look presentable enough. For one thing, the image I had to work with was flawed and spotty in places. For another, the fit would not work right at first.

This outfit has a number of very tricky cutting areas. My suggestion is to reinforce the 3 grey tabs on the dress with clear tape, such as gift wrapping tape, at the back prior to cutting. Also, adult or elder sibling fingers might find this project less challenging, especially at the shoulder line. The same might be said for the hat. 
It is best to not cut away the blank spaces located under either arm and between arms and torso. (That's because this was a fairly tricky fit, and the sleeves could not be altered to fit perfectly without ruining their look.)

The Hat Tab may be attached as mentioned in other paper doll outfit posts. That is, start at the very tip top with a thin line of glue stick glue when attaching the tab to the back of the hat. Add more glue bit by bit only as necessary until the hat will fit the doll's head.

For anyone new to the PPS Paper Doll line, there is a category in the bar right below the banner above. That page contains some links that you might find useful.

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