Thursday, December 31, 2015

Regency Paper Doll Room No. One

A Regency doll needs a Regency room!

This antique watercolor of a unique moment from the past is so charming and cheery that I simply could not resist using it. It may have a few flaws, such as faulty perspective for the four poster style bed, but I still love it. (Beds in Jane Austen's time were generally much smaller than this bed appears to have been)

The Room Size
This particular room has had to be sized a little bit differently than the previous 2 Victorian Rooms now offered here at PPS. This was due to a format problem. To enlarge it any further would have made the doll appear to be what she is, a doll, or else like a young child. Consequently, each printable section measures 10.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches in height.

There are 4 sections, as per usual. Each one has its very own Download Link. 

Shown below is a Display, with doll, of the entire Room. 

For some helpful tips and ideas for Room assembly and use, including suggested materials, etc., I'd like to suggest following this link HERE
For a few Room storage options, simply follow this link HERE.

This will finish out the month-long salute to Jane Austen and all things Regency Era.

More Regency to come in the New Year!

PPSPlaytime™: Regency Paper Doll Room No. One

Download Upper Left HERE

Download Upper Right HERE

Download Lower Right HERE

Download Lower Left HERE

Display version with doll
(lower quality than the download)

You are free to:
play with any of the items in 
the Paper Doll Rooms Collection here at PPS.
But please do not sell them,
for if you ever were to do so,
you'd spoil the fun for everyone.
You'd also be selling my work.
The original image did not look 
like this room does today.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


bfmama said...

Beautiful, thank you!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Happy New year! Thank you for stopping by. Hope this room works well for you and yours.

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