Saturday, December 19, 2015

A New Outfit for the New Doll

Is this technically Regency in style, or isn't it?

This outfit was made for the new Regency Era paper doll.

I've debated this question for hours this past week, and I have to say that I still don't know. Some sources offer different dates for the Regency Era than others will. Everything from the 1790's to 1811 has been offered in the opinions from various articles online. I do not believe that this dress would have been worn during Jane Austen's lifetime, although I may be wrong about this idea. The waistline on earlier 1800's clothing can often tell us much about when and where such clothing must have been worn. However, the transitions in waistlines and corsetry styles can be a bit confusing.

For me, this probably is not strictly Regency (the waistline says either late regency, of late Georgian), but then it isn't Victorian, either. Call it "Pre-Victorian," meaning while Victoria was a little girl, a princess, while George IV was still the king, and perhaps we'll arrive at our best conclusion. 

George IV actually spent a lot of time as a Prince, and was Prince Regent only once it became obvious that his father, George III was unfit to rule. George IV's Regency time on the throne of England ended officially on his father's passing. After that, of course, he became the next king.

Incidentally, Jane Austen did not care for him, even though she dedicated her "Emma" to him. She eventually got invited to visit one of his palaces--a very special honor. There is a short video clip below of how this could have happened for her. He really did enjoy her novels (but then, who doesn't?).

Red letter Guidelines still apply. Please see below. Thank you.

Suggested Ways to Handle This Special Outfit
You will notice how this outfit is unlike any other doll outfit I've ever introduced here. There is the addition of a piece of Regency Era furniture, the image for which I had to hunt around.  This makes it a little flimsy when it is printed onto regular home office paper. There are two ways I could think of in which to handle the problem:

1.) Simply back the outfit with a second piece of paper. If this way is chosen, it's probably better to carefully avoid smudging the printed outfit by  laying it face down on a work surface. Next, rub a glue stick carefully all over the back of the doll's outfit (including the hall table, but not the hair or the Hair Tab). Immediately align the edges of the second piece of paper with the already glue-stick sticky printed page. I'd use a hand brayer or a bone folder, but good hand pressure might do very nicely. Finally, turn the project face up, so you can see the outfit. Cut away the white spaces surrounding all the parts of the outfit and table. (Leave the table and the dress as one whole piece.)

2.) Use a heavier weight of paper such as card stock or matte photo paper instead of regular home printer paper. Then, cut away the white and play!

Miss Jane Regrets video clip with Palace

Her visit to the Royal Palace 
begins at about 5 minutes into 
this 10 minute clip.

Happy Creative Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™(Regency?) Day Dress

Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the Download)

You are free to:
either play with this doll or to give it
--or even to trade it.
Please do not sell it for any reason, 
not even if you change it in some small way.
Many hours of work went into it.
It is my gift, free of charge.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


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