Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Jane Austen: Regency Family at Table

Early 1800's family at the table together.

Isn't this picture charming? It is so sweet that I simply had to include it in this month's Jane Austen Celebration. It is apparently from fairly early on in that era, as shown by the hair styles and various clothing details, although that is far from certain. It is also of European origin rather than British, but I chose to include it due to its charm.

I have cropped and resized it to better fit a home copy machine sized page, and then cleaned it up in order to refresh its looks. The color, too, has been adjusted just a bit.

This is a casual scene, but gently rendered. I really like the colors and the intent expressions of everybody there. I wonder what kind of soup is being served to this large family? Perhaps potato, perhaps not. We will never know.

Happy Regency Era Creativity!

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