Monday, December 7, 2015

Book Artist Accessory Set No. 5

Wintertime Accessories for Book Artists, Crafters, and Digi Scrappers!

I am dreaming of a warming fireside and a lovely, steaming cup of homemade hot chocolate. While I was assembling this set, my thoughts kept drifting towards a moment of enjoying just such a treat. I can't think why, other than that the wintry theme of the colors and the snow scene with the lady in her little private sled or sleigh took my thoughts toward chocolate.

Shown below will be two versions, one of the set itself, and the other with some suggested uses for the set. Provided are two different choices for my creative friends: Digital PNG and Print JPG. Both downloads are completely free, although I do request that these never be sold as a set or broken up for use in separate sets.
Thank you.

Happy Wintertime Creativity!

PPS™ Accessories for Book Artists Set No. 5

Download Digi PNG version HERE

Download For Print JPG HERE

Display version 1
(set as it comes)

Display version 2
(suggested use for items from the set)

You are free to:
use the above set in art for fun or for profit.
You are not free to:
ever sell any of the elements from this set
in sets of your own
or as a whole set.
Thank you 
for helping me to
keep free things free!


jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Hello Rose,

Is this where you want me ?

Anywhere on the first page or just pick one - LOL...

I can't do G+ or Blogger anymore - I told you that.

The previous link I gave you was for my own Faithbooking Blog :)

Scrappy Bee is NO longer responding so they may have closed too :(

You'll know where I'm going real soon and then my new blog will be in Action :) :)

Hugs and Blessings, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Wishing you all the best, however things may turn out.
I am sad that we can't be G+ pals any more, but I am glad for you that you are ding what works for you.
And yes, Scrappy Bee is closed. I tried to visit there again recently, and it wasn't active.
Let's somehow keep in touch!
All my best with Hugs

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

I thought Scrappy Bee had gone too :( I even tried to email them and it got returned :(
Yes we'll keep in touch via this blog :)

My email is jemimasdigitalboutique @ outlook . com (no spaces)

Thanks for being a friend :)
Hugs and Blessings, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Good Morning, Jemima!
Yes, it is very sad about your Scrappy Bee, isn't it? Just imagine, I'd only just found their site, and now it's closed!
I will jot down your email and if we should ever lose touch, I will email you for news.
Hugs and Blessings to you from faraway USA!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Good Morning Rose,

Well what's your email? If you don't want to share it on here - please email me and I will save it there :)

I'm going to a better site than Scrappy Bee and I'm anxious to tell you but I want my store opened before I tell you! :) :)

Thanks for keeping in touch :)

*When I tell you where I'm going and you please advertise it for me on G+ ?? I will be making my new blog/...... public then too and then you can show off my layout :) How about I redo that layout using a kit from my new forum/gallery/store ??

Talk to you again soon...

Hugs and Blessings from Australia from Jemima aka Jemima's Digital Boutique

Plush Possum Studio said...

it's late afternoon here now. So Good Afternoon!
I like your ideas. I will try and email you within a few days from my Studio email.
I am excited about this project!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Good afternoon Rose,

I've been Accepted at Wilma4Ever :) :)

*You are the FIRST to know! :)

My new store will be here @

My gallery is here @

I have a new advertisement ready but I'm reading so much information at the moment probably won't be blogging until tomorrow...

Happy Hugs and Blessings from Jemima aka Jemima's Digital Boutique @ Wilma4Ever :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

I've never heard of Wilma4ever until now. regardless--well done, you!!!
I can hardly wait to see the new store you're putting together!
Hugs with blessings in Christ to you, Jemima!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Thanks so much Rose!

My first blog post for Wilma4Ever @

My other blog is still coming - been busy reading and starting up etc. at Wilma4Ever!

Hugs and Blessings - have a great weekend! from Jemima x

Plush Possum Studio said...

Very well, my dear! Let's get in touch again here once the blog is truly ready, and I will be happy to G+ it for you, if you like.
I'm sorry to be brief. Busy day!
God's peace and Joy to you, my friend!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

I've just completed my First 2 Blog Posts on my New Blog and it should be up and running - please let me know if you can view it at ~

I have to know if this is working before the 15th for my New Blog Trains that I'll be joining this month - (3) of them so look out for my posts :) :)

Please let me know ASAP if you can view my new BLOG and if so could you be my First to sign my Guest Book :)

God's Blessings and Hugs back to you, from Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Oooo! It's PRETTY, Jemima!
It is an honor to be asked to sign your guest book. I will try and do so very soon!
I will also add your "Blog Button" to one of my sidebars. It's very pretty, too, and will look fine as a button. I might end up needing to alter it very sightly in order to make it easier to read when it is small.
Would this be acceptable?
I will be sure to include a link from my place to yours!
Have a warm sisterly Hug from me as I enjoy a frosty and snowy morning!
Its is morning teatime here for me.

Plush Possum Studio said...

I have just successfully signed the Guestbook!
Thank you for making me your first choice of guest for the book.
Please keep me updated, and let me know when you'd like me to G+ your pleasant site.

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

Could you please post BOTH of my BLOG LINKS to G+ please =)

1) Jemima's Digital (Faithbooking) Boutique @

2) Jemima's Digital Boutique @

I just completed my FIRST BLOG TRAIN at Wilma4Ever and it's gone LIVE TONIGHT =)

ENJOY and thanks for helping me advertise them on G+ =)

I'll keep you posted as another Blog Train will be posted tomorrow - Tuesday 15th =)

Then my 3rd one for this month on Wednesday 16th =)

Thanks better go and check my new store previews...

Hugs and Many Blessings to you and yours, from Jemima x

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Hi again Rose,

Just noticed this ~
Quote ~ I will also add your "Blog Button" to one of my sidebars. It's very pretty, too, and will look fine as a button. I might end up needing to alter it very sightly in order to make it easier to read when it is small. Would this be acceptable? I will be sure to include a link from my place to yours!

Of course you can... I'll be HAPPY to see it =)

Hugs again, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

You are already prepared today?????
Gracious! I will try and catch up with you.
How exciting for you!!!!
Congratulations, dear sis in Christ!
One question:
WHICH graphics would you like me to use in my G+ shares?
Meanwhile, I will be sure to pop over and take a new look at what you've been up to.
P.S. I myself have just developed (at last!) a new Desktop wallpaper base don my previous graphic of the crown of thorns. This gave me tingles down to my toes! I prayed for it and during the making of it, too. Hope you like it!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

What do you mean by WHICH GRAPHICS ?

Just share my blog links on G+ for me =)

Thanks for your Desktop Wallpaper - I have to right click on your gifts now to save them as I can't get it any other way...

Please let me know when you've completed your posts on G+ as ALL "3" Blog Hops are up and running =)

I'll have a FREE QP next week from our LAST QP Challenge at Ivy Scraps

I would like to share with you "Little Birdie Blessings" take a peek at ~

Thanks for your help and friendship!

Hugs and God's Blessings from Jemima =)

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

Please pray for my Mother :(

Here's the latest since last weekend... I'm so tired... trying to catch up on everything as well... with my new store etc...

Please read -

Thanks and blessings to you from Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

I am so sorry to learn of your mother's health issue. I will pray for you both.
I will also be sure to ask the G+ believers to keep praying for your mother and you and your whole family, too. I will offer a link to your blog from there so that others may know more.

I know you must be very worried today. When our mom was truly so sick we all feared that we would lose her, it was a very scary situation. The Lord will shelter you and help you both, I'm sure. "My strength cometh from the Lord, from whence cometh my help."

Please relax--I have already G+'ed both of your links. It is all right. I hope this pleases you. I included your one graphic (the image of your featured creation--very nice!) and for the 2nd one, I used the blog logo with your blog's title on it.

DO NOT, please, ever use the "right click" on the Display graphics here. These are substandard. This will yield poor results. Terrible, in fact. The downloads are mostly 300 pixels per square inch, whereas the displays are VERY poor in quality by comparison.
300 is now much more valuable for digital crafters. It likewise tends to print more clearly, depending upon equipment.
The digi scrap crowd generally do enjoy my freebie sets, in part due to my choice to improve the quality, enhance the looks of, and generally prepackage, everything in the sets. The 300 pixels setting makes it possible to enlarge certain items a bit more, plus it adds clarity to the final product. They tend to come by and download things without leaving comments, but I do not mind.

Here's a suggestion (you needn't follow it):

You could always start a new gmail account, or use your old one. That should be entirely sufficient in order for you to be able to access the free stuff here and other places, too.
Just a suggestion--for later--once things have settled down for you.
God's Blessed Peace through His Son to you, dear friend and sister in Christ.

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

There's a FREE QP on my WordPress Blog - could you please grab it and advertise it for me on G+ ASAP :) :)

*PLUS* Please send up some extra prayers for me please as I've been suffering from reflux TODAY again and at times it's painful when the wind gets caught in my chest or shoulders... I've been having Slippery Elm and Corn Flour every hour... :(

**I didn't eat any breakfast because of this ill feeling and managed to eat a small Fish and Vegetable Lunch...

I don't know what else to do!! Mother's been reading up her old books from our first naturopath and thinks it all links to a Peptic (Stomach) Ulcer :(

Please continue to pray for us that we feel better soon and that what Mother is doing and taking will improve this situation soon...

Prayers, Hugs and Blessings to you, from Jemima x

Plush Possum Studio said...

This must be a stressful time for you and your family. Stress has been shown to aggravate stomach issues, as you well know. I've already posted a prayer request at G+ for you, and this yielded a couple results, but I'm sure that word has spread at least a little bit before today. Prayers will continue for you and your mom by me, as well.

I do suffer from gastric problems, myself. Gastritis and I are old companions, as it were. A friend recommended aloe juice. This has helped her immensely. Herbal tea has helped me. I no longer care for coffee for obvious reasons, and the tannic acid in tea I hear could be my foe.
I can't even drink citrus juice except sparingly, but never often. Even lemon on my fish has caused tummy to flair up.

I had to stop trying herbal remedies, for nothing really helped. I am on my first constant prescription ever. It became a matter of life and death, so I agreed to try it. I hate pills. I mean, I HATE 'em. But this has settled my stomach down so that I may eat the occasional Italian food, if it is not too spicy, and so forth.

I wish I had an answer for everything which is troubling your tummy. I really hope it is not too painful for you to endure. BREATHING deeply--deep breathing exercises--very helpful against nervous tension.

A friend is stuck with a herniated esophagus. This can cause her to have acid reflux. Plus she is gluten and lactose sensitive.They have her on all sorts of things. She takes (I think) 7 medications for various problems. I am more natural, normally.

I applaud your efforts to stay natural, but were things to worsen sharply, and with your mother to help and all, I think it might be wise to see somebody if you can. As soon as possible. Please do not wait. I waited, and ended up in the hospital for 5 days. I very nearly did not make it, I was so very sick.

When we are necessary to a loved one as you have to be, sometimes the care of the self can be difficult. Yet, when we really do try and take care of ourselves well enough, we can become better at handling others' needs too. So please do take extra good care of yourself.

Let's try and get in touch again after the holidays. Try and give yourself a break, dear Jemima. I will advertise your QB, but I have to warn you, thus far, people seem less interested than I think they should be. All of my stats went down as soon as the holidays grew close enough. Cut in half, and now sliding down the graph. Holidays = lower stats for me, anyway.

My main suggestion?

Take a self care vacation for a few days. Just take a few days off from the unnecessary, and try and handle ONLY the more important things. Obviously, you are still very much needed.
But please do try and break it down into small steps, and think about only the essentials. Try and cut yourself some slack. It won't help to feel overwhelmed by too many things at once.

Eventually, this troubling time will pass, and things will get much better. You will feel better if you wisely let go of a few things for a short while. Let God take care of you and those things, as well as your dear mom.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, dear sister in Christ.
Hugs and Blessings

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,


How are you??

Mother is back home after her 2nd visit to hospital in a week...

She's had the fast pulse again and now on a different tablet and she's not used to medication :( She's on half and has to have another halter monitor test when we get into our general GP who is booked up at the moment while she's on this tablet.

My reflux has settled down with the Slippery Elm and Marshmallow and I'll see the same GP when he can fit us in...

Trust you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and I trust that you have a wonderful and successful new year!

*Surprise - I managed to keep up to date with "Christian Love" on Google+ and saw your post about Mother and I before Christmas =) I couldn't log in and comment but please let them now that I'm still following them and reading their lovely posts =)

My thoughts, prayers and blessings are with you, Rose...

Hugs and Blessings from Jemima.

Plush Possum Studio said...

There you are!
I am so sorry to learn that the way in which you and your mom spent the holidays wasn't any fun.
On 2 separate occasions, I myself have done the monitor routine. I did not enjoy either. I've not had any fun being in a hospital bed, either.
This past year was better.
Would you believe it? I had a cold in both head and chest for the holidays. Nothing compared to your own dear mom's trials and tribulations, I'm sure.
The news about the reflux is good! The natural path is always my favorite. You are wise to follow it, as the good Lord's provided us with natural cures aplenty.
Support from a GP is good too.
Please give your mom my best and let her know that others have prayed for you both--and for your dad. I will be sure to let the group at G+ know how things are going, and ask for further prayers for all of you.
And please take extra special care of yourself, as often as time permits.
God's Blessed peace to you, dear sister in Christ from far away!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

Sorry for my long delay in replying :(

I've been busy, busy with blog trains and there are 2 available now on my blog =) =)

*Could you please post these at Google+ plus anywhere else you can please ??

My niece was married on Saturday and will scrap her photos soon but we were saddened as due to Mother's health we could not go and that was the first of my nieces and nephews to get married - there are now 3 left...

I am still battling with the Reflux doing it naturally and with the occasional Mylanta tablet - took extra yesterday as I two bad goes and we couldn't go to church =(

I will try to keep up with the "Christian Love" posts and wish I could respond but I can't...

I am thinking of giving up my 2nd blog website the one you kindly commented on as I'm paying for it monthly and not getting any Sales as yet but I hope my Sales will now improve this year as I have 10 templates and 1 mini kit in my store @

Must go and create some layouts to get more bonuses =) =)

Hope to hear from you again soon and your news...

Closing with Love, Hugs and God's Blessings my friend from Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello Jemima~
So sorry you could not attend your niece's wedding. But you have your priorities straight about putting the care of your mom first.
I am very busy nowadays, too.
There is so much to take care of these days, isn't there?
I am in the middle of doing a complete studio overhaul and redesign.
I'm following Carolyn Dube's "Let's Play!" challenge for 2016.
I'm working on my blogs--I now have 2 to keep me very busy!
PLUS I am dealing with all sorts of G+ things.
Yesterday, I had to challenge a pro-Choice post there. I did not have to use the Bible once. This was an intense though interesting experience.
Not to mention the usual household chores. These challenge me due to arthritis and other things.
For me to always be able to handle G+ responses, etc to my posts which are done for your benefit is not really working. i am very sorry to have to tell you this. I really do appreciate our friendship. I like the Fellowship I've found online.
(Big deep breath)
I have tried to understand what would make you decide to pull up stakes at G+ and Blogger and switch to 2 blogs elsewhere, including one which must be paid for.
I am not at all sure that I do understand.
What went wrong for you at Blogger or G+, Jemima? They are both free. Plus, we can also choose to use Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest with Blogger. It's easy and it's free.
We can even design our own blog backgrounds, or keep it simple by using our choice from the Blogger ones.

Please will you explain?

Everybody's personal time is limited and valuable. Yours and mine included.
Too many changes during times of higher stress can make things worsen, including stress levels.
I dearly wish that we could still be simply in touch via G+ and Blogger and gmail, without that extra step and bother for us both.

I am perhaps not the best advocate for you today in that I have so many personal irons in the fire of my own. With so much to do, and with really too little time for taking up more duties, I have to
come to
some kind of a decision.
While I do wish that you hadn't left Blogger, you may have had your own reasons for doing so. Very well. Those are your choices, and I honor them.
However, we barely know each other, my sister in Christ. I am not invested in your business, and nor have you become invested in mine, either.

I feel awkward having to request that I not be asked to help you anymore, yet I don't feel confident that it is a good idea to have continued as far as I have to date.
I'm sorry.
Though it really does pain me somewhat, I have to decline to be the one always posting for you over at G+. Pinterest might do your sort of work better, or Facebook. Instagram is one I keep hearing about, too.
I currently am not listed with any other social media sites, but that would have to be your job for your business, and not mine.

Personally, I think that you need to take a break from decision making and hand all of your troubles, bar none, over to the Lord, and then wait as patiently as possible. He may have some other ideas for you shortly. He may want you to tone down the changes for a time, until things can be handled better and with greater ease. I cannot second guess the Lord's will for you. I merely suggest 2 possible things for you.
I am trying to be fair and loving. i hope that I have succeeded.
Prayers have been said for you at G+ and by me privately.
My dear sister in Christ, May God bless your every enterprise with His bountiful wisdom, in Jesus' name, Amen.

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Dear Rose,

Please don't worry about the advertising for me at all... I just thought that you wanted too... but it doesn't matter at all... OK!?!

My new blog address is @ I was very happy to create another WordPress Site as it's much easier to post things on it as a blog - the other one I had to copy and paste what ever I needed!

I left Blogger as it was attached to Google+ due to personal reasons and church beliefs... I am still following "Christian Love" ONLY but just not able to reply, leave a message or comment... could you please at least let them know this and they may leave me a msg =)

Thanks for your friendship and I trust that we can still be blog friends and you and all my friends are constantly still in my prayers.

Plus I can happily say that I do commit myself and our troubles to the Lord each day and evening and will continue doing so...

You can see a new Faithbooking Card that I created yesterday @

I trust that you will follow me as I'm following your lovely blog too!

Prayers continuing and bless you my dear sister in Christ, Rose!

Hugs and God's Blessings for you and yours from Jemima xo

Plush Possum Studio said...

I can't follow you without Wordpress. That's a fact. yes, I do have a password there, but every time I sign into it, it signs me out of everywhere else that i blog, post and communicate. Also, I have no content and no active blog there. It's a pointless waste of effort for me to need to sign in and sign out constantly, so I try and avoid WP blogs where comments are difficult to leave.
Yes, I do have a few online acquaintances who use WP, but we hardly ever touch base.
So, I probably won't be visiting your blog that often.
I am also not really comfortable about our personal exchanges here in public. People still do visit this post, you see. LOTS of them. They may not be into commenting, yet my statistics tell me they like this post's content.
That's true for a number of my older posts. Some are over 4 years old, too.
I know you don't care for Blogger or G+. I have to be careful sometimes at G+. I am not worried about either place, though. I've actually seen far worse in my time online. And I've met some very nice people at G+. I ignore what I can do nothing for, pray about it all, and leave it to rest. I have blocked numerous trolls at G+. It never hurts to do so.
Good fortune to you and yours. I really wish you all the best.
Take care of yourself, Jemima.
May God bless and God speed you in all your endeavors.

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