Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"Magnificent" Flying Machines Set for Digi & Print

The Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk anniversary is soon to occur, and with that in mind, we are posting a fun set of flying machine images for you to play with.
Included here are two technical images in black and white which we removed all background from for our Digi crowd. Print -style artists will still find the same quality available for use, as we always post both versions at the same resolution here.
I'm fondest of all of that propeller. I can see many possibilities for that one image! ;)
For more info on the Wright Brothers, their aircraft, or the history of flight in general, please go HERE.
Hope you'll enjoy all our collage sets here at PPS as much as we do creating each one for you.
Happy Creativity!

This set was not pre-packaged when we found it. In fact, it took weeks of searching and then processing and cleaning up to make this set a finished product.
We would never sell anything which you, our guests, had not given us permission to sell, and we ask that that same courtesy be given to us in return.
Otherwise, a theft would occur, or friends part ways. This may not seem all that valuable an item, but it does belong to our Studio, in that it was processed for months before being offered for your use.
Free of charge.
Please be mindful of others' copyrights.
Thank you.

PPSDigiScrap™ Collage Set: Flying Machines

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download JPG Print Version HERE

Credits: Original 1890's image (prior to our fiddling) from

the New york Public Library at
also from Wiki Commons

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