Friday, November 18, 2011

Antique Truck Graphic: A Gift From Christine H. at The Daily Postcard

Isn't life wonderful? It brings us surprises of friendship along with gifts like this one.
Christine was nice enough to email me some very fine scans from a book of hers which I admired in her post HERE. It's really a fascinating article! You may want to check it out!
I was so surprised, I dropped our other project for over the weekend in favor of some of her automobile ephemera. The scans we received she had so graciously set for our default setting of 300dpi--so we had very little difficulty in processing our first offering from her set for you.
Her scan work was just perfect as it was, so we didn't have to do much beyond straighten or clean up as we generally would.
We are offering this one for your use in both colorways of Original Look and B&W.
So a big round of applause for Christine H.!! Once you visit her stellar blog, you'll be sure to want to return for more of her interesting musings! Please remember to thank her with a comment or two and your Follow while you're there. 
Hope you'll treasure your friends from near and far this weekend with some of your--
Happy Creativity!

Christine's Truck Imagery

Original Look

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

Black & White

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print Version HERE

You are free to:
make art with the above two graphic pages
for either fun or profit.
After all, they are in the public domain.
But please don't
repackage either version for sale as they are meant to be kept free.
Please respect our  (And Christine H.'s) 
gifts for the public's use.
Thank you.


Ann said...

these are great! i have enjoyed her blog for sometime!!! thanks to both of you for this image!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Isn't her blog a great spot? Lots to interest the viewer--and what a choice gift to offer at the drop of a hat!
Can't help thinking she's pretty terrific

artistamyjo said...

Thanks to all,this is terrific. It's even older then I am,love it!

Rhissanna said...

Well, these are all charming, which a lot coming from me because I can't drive. At all. And if I draw a car it had running boards and lights on stalks and a chauffeur because, as I said, I can't drive. Thank you for sharing, dear Miss Possum and I did as you suggested and had a look at Christine H's marvelous blog. Very nice, very nice indeed.

SusieJ said...

Thanks to all of you for these images.
They'll be very useful as most of my family are "boys"!!
Hugs xx
p.s. off to check out the blog now.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Amy: The older the ephemera, the younger we all seem to ourselves!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Rhissanna: What I wouldn't give to be allowed to drive one of the trucks depicted here! Antique vehicles thrill me! Traffic?--not so much. ;)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Susie J: Guy stuff seems rare in the image world online, doesn't it? We try to feature enough of it to bring a little testosterone to the collection, and are glad you can use it.

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