Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Antique Harvest Illustration Two Ways

For me, the beauty of this old illustration from our archives is in the simple lifestyle shown. 
Look how many people are assembled to do this one simple job of caring for a potato harvest! And then notice how little technology is involved.
I think it's easy to forget the labor intensiveness of old world farming these days, simply because it's so rarely seen anymore. 
Imagine sitting down to supper after a hard day's work on the old fashioned farm depicted, and enjoying a piping hot potato which was harvested that very day! The mere thought of it gives me a thrill.
Even with modern technological advances in cultivating, the long hours put in (especially on a family farm) are considerable.
So let's give thanks to our family farming community this year by remembering the many men and women who like to make certain we may put fresh produce on the table, family style, during the holiday season as well as all year round.
Happy Harvest Creativity!

Harvesting a Potato Crop In 1910

Sepia Toned

Download 300dpi Version HERE

Black & White

Download 300dpi Version HERE

Scanned artwork PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain use
Do not repackage for sale.
These images belong to the public now.
Thank you.


Myric said...

reminds me when my mom used to tell us to eat every single grain of rice on our plate as a sign of appreciation for the farmers who worked hard to put food on our table!


Plush Possum Studio said...

Myric: I know what you mean! My mom did something along the same lines, but with different wording.
Family farms are struggling to pay off debts too burdensome for their livelihood to continue, and I thought we might honor them better by remembering their work load. I'm sorry if this got misconstrued.
Take care!

Ann said...

lovely image!!
thanks so much for sharing this!!
such a great image for fall,harvest and thanksgiving!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Thank you, sweetie! So glad you like this one!

Rhissanna said...

This is lovely, Miss Possum. It's important to remember where our food comes from and appreciate those who do the labour to make sure there's something good and nourishing on our tables.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Rhissanna: Thank you, Miss Rabbit! We're glad you came by and that you, too, see this as an important issue.

hazel said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely harvest image.
xxx Hazel.

Plush Possum Studio said...

You're very welcome, Hazel!

Artfully Musing said...

What a fabulous site and how generous you are with your time and images. I’ve added your button to my blog. Laura

Plush Possum Studio said...

Laura: Thanks for dropping by to check out our scene, and for the encouraging comment.
I am wowed by what you offer at your blog, and will no doubt be by oftener than where I usually visit.

Elizabeth said...

Grogeous harvest pictures of 1910!!
Hugs, Elizabeth

Plush Possum Studio said...

Elizabeth: Thank you! Glad you found something here worth praising.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

How beautiful! I love how you shared two different versions! Beautiful blog! :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Sugar Lump: Why thank you! So glad you found something here worth having!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Hello Rose - I miss you... :=(

I've just grabbed this lovely Harvest Print and wanted to let you know that I've just used - Dairymaids-a-Milking - but could not locate it - you can view my layout here @

Hope you like it - I'll come back here to view your comment :=)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Good Morning, Jemima!
The one you wished for is also a Public Domain (but not intended for sale--altho" I might make an exception just for you this one time) scan of my own from the 1890's. But the real name is, "Dairy Maids all in a row."
I'll give you a boost, so to speak with the webpage URL:

I will be stopping by your place shortly! I always get a kick out of seeing how others have chosen to use my ephemera!

Plush Possum Studio said...

JEMIMA !!!!!!
:) :) :) :)
I've just been to visit that page you offered earlier. I really enjoy the work you're doing. The rosy colors, the frame, the way in which you've used the background--well, it is a lovely page.
Thank you so much for sharing your creative adventure with me.
What a fun way to begin my day!!!!
:) :) :)
QUESTION: Would it be all right with you if I included this pretty page of yours in the Studio's Feature Gallery page?
Please do let me know.
Thank you

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

QUESTION: Would it be all right with you if I included this pretty page of yours in the Studio's Feature Gallery page?
Please do let me know.

YES you can... would you like to wait and I'll post it on my Brand New Blog and then I can give you link... ??
Great to hear from you... :) :) :)
I'm glad you were able to see it at Scrappy Bee...
I've got more layouts on my blog and hope to have the new one up and running soon :) :)

Good-Night Hugs, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Good (early) Morning, Jemima!
Yes, I like your idea of us waiting until your new blog is ready. Let's keep in touch about this idea!
I like Scrappy Bee. Will you be keeping that name with your new blog?
I'll look forward to hearing more from you when you've enough time for it.

HUGS, dear sis!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Yes we'll keep in touch via here Rose :) :)

No Scrappy Bee is the forum/gallery/store where I go to complete layouts :)

Same as Wilma4Ever has a forum/gallery/store where I go mostly now as Ivy Scraps will be closing on the 31st of December 2015 :(

Since IS is closing... can we wait until the New Year ?? and then I'll know which store is will have my designs and then I'll advertise that on my new website/blog :) :)

*If you highlight my name on your blog you'll find my Faithbooking Blog and I want to keep that and my new one separate :)

Take care and I'll keep popping in here... Hugs, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Jemima!
So sorry to hear about about your scrap store closing.
A nice addition here might be a blog button for your newest project. I've had 4 thus far. Have you ever used one before?
Also, yes, of course, by all means let us wait until the new year!
I am pleased that we can keep in touch.
Blessings + Hugs

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Hi Rose,

Quote - A nice addition here might be a blog button for your newest project. I've had 4 thus far. Have you ever used one before?

No I haven't heard of these... what are they ?

I'm happy to keep in touch too :)

You can view more layouts here @

I'm still working on my new blog :) :)

Blessings and Hugs, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Jemima!
Yes, it is fun to keep in tough, isn't it?
One request:
That we continue in comments at my less old posts--meaning my current ones. that will make it a lot easier for us to find one another in future.
The blog's main address is:
Now to answer your question:
A blog button is a fun little way to allow visitors to one's blog to stay connected with your blog, while also promoting it for free.
Others often add my button to their own blogs. It's kind of a friendly gesture.
The trick is the size, the format, and the kind of font. I will be happy to show you some more of what I know via experience.
My own blog button is in the upper slot of the right hand margin, next to my blog's content.
It has elements similar to the blog's banner (or header, if you prefer). This helps visitors to visually recall whose blog is whose.
A URL address link is, I am certain, a familiar thing for you.
There is a way at Blogger blogs to add or delete buttons from columns. While the blog's content changes often, the columns still remain the same.
Click on a button, and it should take you to the destination that is indicated by that button.
This is where links come into play.
In theLayout portion of any Blogger blog, there are things called "Gadgets"
Once you're looking at the Gadget list in the new little window which appears after you click on Gadgets, look for (I think) Pictures in that list.
There is an option to "Shrink to fit", a thing which is recommended.
I am not expert at the creating of buttons, but I might be able to find out for your the dimensions of the one I am currently using at the blog I keep.

Question for you!
What sort of digital image processing software is currently on your computer?
See you later!

jemimasdigitalboutique said...

Hi Rose,

I'll stay here otherwise I'll get lost - LOL...

I went to your main link and there are a lot of posts but no where to post a comment...

*You could always come on over to my Faithbooking Blog at :)

Let's stay here until you post my layout with "Dairy Maids all in a row" - OK ?

Check these lovely daily verses/gifts from Little Birdie Blessings @

I no longer have a Blogger Blog so that blinkie or button isn't going to work for me anymore :(

I'm getting my new blog ready - and it maybe even ready before the end of the year with great news :) :)

See you later...

Hugs and Blessings, Jemima

Plush Possum Studio said...

Happy Monday, Jemima!
I no longer have an account over at Wordpress. Sorry! WP would not allow me to sign in over there last summer.My account is connected with a separate form of email service, as well.
I prefer Blogger for many reasons. For one thing, it keeps me in touch easily with G+and all my friends there.
Secondly, it offers wonderful storage options with Google Drive. I can also leave comments and rates at YouTube. Plus, there are other features, too.
Drive is where all of my download links lead to. I get there with ease once I sign in at either Blogger or at Gmail.
Thirdly, there is a place to leave a comment at the very, very bottom or foot of every single post at my blog.
I know it is a small and unassuming little word, "Comments."
The lettering is quite small.
I really do wish that it could be more obvious for everybody.
To leave me a comment:
Simply click on the word, "Comments", and you should see all comments for that particular post (if any).
Next, find where it says "Leave a comment."
Click on that, and a whole new little window will show itself.
Scroll down that small window's page, and that is where the little box is where a comment can be left.
Next, type in your comment
and then
follow the instructions that should be there beneath the comment box.
Then, click on "Publish comment."
This will save me much time, so I'd be grateful to you for trying this.
I have no need of Wordpress. The options there are not as sleek or as fun and easy for me to use as the features here at Blogger.
Also, this is a quite OLD post, from years ago. This means that I have to hunt for it whenever I respond to one of your comments.
Now, this was not a big problem for me, for as long as the "Harvest" Category would be left in my tool bar with "Autumn."
As seasons change, so does my selection of choices for guests to my blog in the tool bar.
You see, one quirk of Blogger's is that, once someone's comment is "Published" by me (by clicking on "Publish,"behind the scenes here),
the link and the title for the post the comment it is connected to will DISAPPEAR.
*POOF!* They cannot be found.
This forces me to recall every detail of that post's title or its category.
Out of 450 posts, I'd have to come find you!
SO we could always communicate via G+, in Private mode, if you like. I can suggest a subject and then we could always convene our little 2 woman meetings that way. The alerts given me by G+ are usually reliable.
God's peace to you, dear sister in Christ !!!

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