Friday, August 26, 2011

Our First Wallpapers--Steampunk Style!

Steampunk Wallpapers for your computer desktop!

Yesterday was a good day for me to hunker down, stay out of the sun (97 degrees!), and play around with a new idea: wallpaper!
Our stats show a number of you like Steampunk so well, you want to use it in new ways, including in wallpaper, stationary (we posted some a while ago HERE), photo frames--the list seems endless!
So here we have our first offering of wallpapers for your computer's screen, all credited to yours truly.  
All were done in a scaled down way, at 72 dpi rather than our for-print and Digi 300-720 dpi offerings. If these had been made for your use with digital means or to be print-worthy, I'd have given them the same treatment, but trust me, they would only end up looking messy or grainy on your monitor otherwise (there are only 72 pixels per square inch to most monitors, not including medical and other industrial style new tech advances which most people will never see, let alone handle).
I had a lot of fun playing with this one, so I hope you won't mind how many versions of the same theme, colorway, and so on, are posted here! Just call me wallpaper crazy!--and Steampunk theme crazy too! :)
To see the entirety of our currently posted Steampunk stock, go HERE, where you'll find even a background or two, along with clip art, including some Digi style items for you to use--all free of course! That's the PPS way.
Happy Creativity!

P.S. Please note I have copyrighted each of these. Which means, though they are available to be used by others, you may not sell them or repackage them in any way, much less claim them to be your own work. 
Furthermore, the artists of the digital brushes used for these items have their own rights to consider. They were the ones who offered free use of their brush packs, but only after much work by them.
The rights to use their brushes freely, and for any purpose, is for a price.
As we intend our studio to remain a free graphics site, we ask that you obey copyright or intellectual property rights laws, when consider how to use our items.
This is the right of any artist, no matter their position in the arts.
We respect the rights of others, and hope you'll do the same.
Thank You

Steampunk Wallpapers for Computer Desktops
(for monitors displaying at 1280 by 1024 pixels per inch)
Click to Enlarge

"French Steam"

"Airship Graffito"

"Paris Street Scene"

"Old Brick Wall"

"Paris View Deluxe"

"Old Plaster"

Digital Stamps Used in this Project by:
nadinepauhilla29Obsidian Dawnlatebreaking.

Credits: Original Antique imagery (prior to our fiddling) from
the New york Public Library at
Also, Wikimedia Commons


artistamyjo said...

Absolutely fantastic!!
You did a wonderful Job.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Awwww, garsh!
Yer makin' me blush here...

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous steampunk wallpapers you've made!! Thank you for your comment on my blog. You can do it in English and haven't to translate it in Dutch if you like.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Elizabeth: Thank you so much for your kind words.
It is easy to use the Translator, and I actually enjoy finding out new things about other languages.
With English, we both understand one another's words. With Dutch, only one of us understands. So I thank you for offering me this opportunity.

P.S. Your photo of you with your charming little dog is a sweet one.

Something Special said...

Oh how I love your Steam Punk world. It is lovely! thanks for all the wonderful freebie downloads and images here. thanks also for you sweet comment on my blog and for entering my giveaway!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Special: Thank You for such kind words! We love our Steampunk world around here, too. Glad you stopped over and could find some fun.
Best wishes in that Giveaway!

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