Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apologies + UPDATE

In our last post was included one image which has not yet met our standards, and which needs reviewing. This might take a few days to attend to, but will eventually be returned to its position here once refined to its intended look.
We hope that you'll bear with us during this time of grief, as things have yet to come full circle into normal mode. Our friend's funeral having occurred only recently, there are still things to be attended to which may interfere with the process of keeping track of all who visit here and leave their kind thoughts for us to read. I have really missed our fun interaction, but have found I am still not quite ready to renew the usual habit of visiting you all.
With a few new posts pre-readied, more new images, sets, etc., will continue to be posted here, never fear, including our newest one, set for later on today.
For now, please forgive the omission.
It is hoped we haven't inconvenienced anyone.

Update: With the busy time I mentioned about over, there was time for a complete overhaul to the image mentioned. it is back up and ready for downloading.
Also, check out the latest--it's got a whole different colorway!
Thanks for your patience


Netty said...

So sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs Annette x

Ann said...

i don't think anyone feels inconvenienced dear Rose!!!
just take care of yourself!!!..that's the most important!!

Gerri Herbst said...

So sorry....please take care my dear.

This is collage wonderful...I really must use this one.We have just returned from vacation and just had to see what you were up too. I will look at more posts as I catch up. Thanks for your kinds words while I was away. take care sweetie, gerri

Plush Possum Studio said...

Gerri: Thank You. It is kind of you to care. It has, indeed, been a tough enough summer to where I'm about summered out!
But then, two sweet people are getting married tomorrow eve. A plus for real.
Hope you and yours had a simply marvelous time vacating!
Guess we both have our work cut out for us this week, catching up!

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