Thursday, August 25, 2011

Primary Color Fun!

Our friends at Gingersnap Creations are always coming up with new ideas for using color, materials, themes, and good products. We're following them again this week with their salute to children via the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue. Last month, we were all about Steampunking it up online, with lots of somber tones with aged metallics, so this truly is a nice way of working in full blown color again.
Below, you'll find we really stretched ourselves this month with a larger than ever offering to fit our theme. It's taken 3 days to prepare this one, but it was sheer pleasure all the way around.
There are two background collage pages, along with our first ever homemade clipart alphabet in red "Dotted Swiss."
Digi artists will find more than one way to go, while our Hands-On or Print crowd can easily utilize all but our 3D style alphabet. We're sorry about that last bit. One of the digital processes used produces a strong shadow effect which did not reproduce well enough to make it print-worthy. In the final analysis, we decided to offer that 3D alphabet in Digi format only. But all the rest of our designs print well enough that you should have very little, if any, difficulty there.
All designs were executed from the ground up, from the patterned works they were based on. We had a little help, of course, from Digi Brush Artist, missgmoore. Also, our alphabet is based on a Digi font called Carbono, which the fine people over at offer for free, along with lots of other choices. Hope you'll visit all 3 links we've listed here when you get the chance.
Happy Creativity!

PPSDigiScrapPak™ Primary Fun Sets

Digi 3D Alphabet 

Downloadable Digi PNG Version HERE

Primary Fun Accessories 
Set 1

Downloadable Digi PNG Version HERE

Downloadable JPG Print Version HERE

Set 2

Downloadable Digi PNG Version HERE

Downloadable JPG Print Version HERE

Background 1: "Daisy Chain"

Downloadable Version (not available in PNG, sorry) HERE

Background 2: "Blue Dotted Swiss"

Downloadable Version (not available in PNG format, sorry) HERE

Red Dotted Swiss Clip Art Alphabet

Downloadable Version HERE 

You are free to:
use these to teach and make art or crafts with for fun.
You are not free to:
Sell anything here as part of a set or an image.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.


artistamyjo said...

I like, I like and I like some more.
neat and different !

Plush Possum Studio said...

Amy: Sorry to take so long in responding here! I got sidetracked by today's post artwork. It was way too fun to stop!
Now to catch up with you all!

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