Friday, August 5, 2011

Antique Summer Advertising: 1908 Soap That Floats + "Unmentionables"

Greetings, all. It has been a rough ride here the past several days. And it's been tiring, so not much could happen toward posting till this afternoon.
Today, however, after much thought, it felt right, for the first time since  it went up, to remove our mourning drape version of the header you see above in favor of the cheerier look.
All of you who very graciously added their kind thoughts toward all involved are very much appreciated. It's your kind thoughts, along with others from her friends and family, which get us through those tough first weeks. Such thoughts were kindly given. We will not forget you nor every kindness offered.
It has been a long time since I felt moved to grieve this hard and with such deeply felt sadness over the loss of a good friend. Suffice it to say, those of us loving her and missing her for all the good reasons the last post mentioned may mourn for quite some while.
However. Life must go on.
It may be a while before smiles return, yet we are certain that to resume the usual round of activities would be better for us than holding off.

Below, you'll see we have provided a dual posting, with century old advertising from a periodical of the era.
Our Ivory Soap ad choices will include our usual golden aged paper look (we sometimes call this colorway the "Original"), along with the look probably more like an actual replica of what our ad looked like when first published, all in tones of grey.
Our second offering for this afternoon is that of a summer underwear ad, one with implications for dainty comfort in hot weather. Love the wording on this one. It, too, comes two ways for you. Hope you'll have fun using both these images!
It is delightful to begin posting again.
And Thank You again for stopping by!

Antique Summer Advertising

Ivory Soap c. 1908

Downloadable (400dpi) Version HERE

Grey Tone
Downloadable Version HERE

Summer Underwear Advertisement

Original Look
Downloadable Version HERE

Black & White 
Downloadable Version HERE

Primary Scanned Imagery 
Courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use


Ann said...

wonderful images Rose!! i've always wondered just how comfortable those bathing costumes could be?..seems like it would be similar to getting into the bathtub fully dressed in woolen pants and sweater!!!!..and a shower cap to boot!!!
take time for yourself my dear..we all heal in different ways and times!! xoxoxo

Something Special said...

If this is a new header, then it sure is cheering me up. I am your newest follower.

SusieJ said...

Pleased to see you back on here and thanks for the two delightful downloads.
Sending more hugs to all of you.
Sue xx

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Well, I would venture a guess based on the handling of an early 20th century man's bathing suit at an antique firm where I was employed many moons ago. It had the roughness I'd expect from a knitted woolen garment, and was heavy, being closely knit--mustn't let any daylight into where things might get discernible to any girls nearby! It must've weighed a few pounds--several, once drenched.
And how long would it have taken to let it hang, dry in the sun, and so on? Can you imagine putting on a damp woolen swimsuit? Yecch!
And for women, there is also a corset. Of course, that began to loosen, lengthen, and eventually vanish in our early 20th cent. But it must've weighed an everloving TON when wet!! And the corset can only have made a body more rigid in the water, more apt to sink.
We've come a long way, baby! even those of us who quit smoking earlier this year!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Something Special: Greetings! And welcome! So glad you've chosen this here Studio's blog to Follow! Now I get to visit you and see what this new member is up to!

Plush Possum Studio said...

SusieJ: Hello again!
It was time, really, for new posts and for the daily round of activities to begin once more. It's good of you to hang in there for us. Thank You.
Glad, too, you enjoy this latest offering.

Talking Horses Arts said...

Welcome back.My heart goes out to you since i have been thru the same and totally understand what you are saying. Your right, at the moment when it feels right life has to go on. I am sure that our lost loved ones want us to. Big hug and all the strength you need wished for you.
Love this post thanks so much for sharing.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Talking Horses: Thank You. It's good of you to share your own story of a loss which took time for you to accept and be at peace about. And your sweet wishes truly give me a boost.
I haven't been in the mood to comment much, or visit too many places online. And I haven't been out today except to water the grass and flowers. Guess it's still too early. It's the little surprise rememberings of things past that choke me up the most.
One step (or day or even breath) at a time.........

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