Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Primary Color Fun!

Once again, we find ourselves taking our inspiration from the Gingersnap Creations design team. And what a great idea! It's such a great idea, I couldn't stop playing around with the theme myself!
This time, we feature 4 different ways you can pattern those backgrounds. Come to think of it, these might do well as fabrics for paper doll type dressing, both in collage and in paper dolling it up.
Hope you'll enjoy playing with our newest addition to this fun and vibrant theme of the primary colors of yellow, red and blue.
For more of our stock in their theme, go HERE. All elements we're including for this theme are matching, so you hopefully won't find one blue item, let's say, not matching another item of the same color. 
In other words, they all match and mate just like a good line of kids' clothing! ;)
And do check out all the doings at Gingersnap--they've really got more fun than you can shake a paintbrush at! ;)
Oh--one more thing. We've grayed the margin area of our last offering in order to allow the white checks to stand out. Hope you won't mind using a little extra black ink in the print.
Happy Creativity!

PPSDigiScrapAccessoryPak™ Primary Fun Collage Pages

Page 1: "Cheery Cherry"

Downloadable Version HERE

Page 2: "Picnic Blanket"

Downloadable Version HERE

Page 3: "Sunny Day"

Downloadable Version HERE

Page 4: "Royal Star"

Downloadable Version HERE

You are free to:
Use the above images in crafts or art for fun.
Please do not copy these in any way to sell.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.


artistamyjo said...

Oh my,bright and cheerful,lots of fun ideas for these.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for the kudos! Leave it to the Gingersnap gang to keep coming up with great color combos such as this one.
So much fun!

Ann said...

somehow,I've missed several of your posts..I'm catching up!!!!! xoxox

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Looks like you've already caught up! LOL
As usual, your enthusiasm gives this blog hostess a big grin.

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