Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Marvelous Marble 2: ATC Backgrounds

Continuing the theme from yesterday, here is Set No. 2.

This time, I chose to use a mid range blue, highlighted by a brassy golden color.

ATCs or Artist Trading Cards have a unique history worldwide. They arose as a form of exchange at the instigation of Swiss artist, 
M. Vänçi Stirnemann. This was in 1997, making the art of ATCs very nearly 20 years old today. The artist called it a "Collaborative Cultural Performance." I call it fun!

For more on the unique and fascinating history of Artist Trading Cards, you may follow the link HERE.

For many, it is an enjoyable hobby, as nobody sells anything and all is freely traded, tiny artwork for tiny artwork. I've traded ATCs myself on and off over the years, and found it a fascinating way to see the work of my fellow artisans. Fun!

Below is a unique set of 6 slightly varying ATC backgrounds. They aren't intended to be traded as they are, but rather built upon using various media. Have fun, but please remember the ATC heritage of trading without selling. These are free. Let's keep them that way. Thank you.

Happy Creative trading!

PPSATC™ Six Pack: marvelous Marble No. 2

Download HERE

Display version

(lower quality than the download)

Digital Brush Credit:
Mask by hilla MS at

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