Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Trio of Horse Pictures

Any one of these would make a fun coloring project. 

I especially like the first of the three, the one of a stable scene. The dog has chased a cat up onto a window ledge. The cat is pretty feisty. The horses are wondering what all the fuss is about. I think it's fun.

Next up is a lady riding sidesaddle over a fence. She sits so confidently. I have to wonder about her posture in the picture and that jump she's taking atop her very pretty, bright eyed horse. I'm accustomed to seeing riders that are at least a little bit bent at the waist. Maybe it's about her corset?

Lastly, there is a plainer picture that is an illustration from an old magazine. This one gives a brief look into the various ways that some horses are trained to move. The gait being shown is called a "canter." I will include a short video (8 minutes long) that offers three strides for a horse. The first, of course, is a simple walk. The second is a trot, and the third is a real canter. A canter is a gentle, flowing style of running gait, kind of halfway between a trot and a full blown gallop. Sometimes, it is called a "lope" or "loping gait." It looks really comfortable if done well enough. I see it as beautiful. It takes a strong canter in order for most horses to be able to take most jumps safely.

A second video is about the importance of balance in maintaining your seat during a canter.

Have fun "horsing around" 
with today's coloring fun!

PPSColorMe™ Horse Trio

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Video about the Canter

(I like the way he says, "Apply your calves.")

Balance is very important when riding into a canter.

Imagine doing this using a sidesaddle!

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