Saturday, September 24, 2016

Victoria's Very First Costume Ball !

A special charity event, all in costumes of bygone eras!

This will be a night for our Victoria to recall for many years to come. She and her cousin, Mercy had both admired the very same costume in the same London shop, and so it was decided that Victoria would wear a pink one while Mercy would wear the one in blue.

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Tom is looking very dapper and dandy in his brand new evening suit, isn't he? I always have liked the look of most top hats, so this was a special treat for me to work on. Please notice how his outfit has its own background. [NOTE: Please never cut away any of his backgrounds - these are necessary to ensure a proper look and fit.]

The Benefit Ball is just starting. All of the guests are continuing to filter in from their carriages outside. The first to arrive had been a gathering of members of The Crinoline Guild, with their partners. They cut a dash on the dance floor in their old fashioned outfits and hair styles, don't they? Some are twirling with their partners quite daringly, for the first dance is now playing the very first waltz of the evening. I will post a very lively Waltz Music video below. The album's links are listed at the home page of the video.

Victoria is very pleased to have been asked to join the partygoers of the Crinoline guild, two of whom are good friends of Tom and Mercy's. This was a very spur of the moment invitation, and so they all had to make haste in order to be ready on time. - And the three had only been home a week! 

The Benefit Ball is intended to raise money for a very worthy charitable cause, that of the education of orphans as well as the support of widowed mothers. While tickets were very costly, and even somewhat scarce by the time that the three latecomers had returned from their travels abroad, every effort was made to secure them a place at the supper table where a banquet is to be served directly following the dancing.

Other guests are wearing clothing styles that are even older than the ones which Mercy and Victoria are wearing for this event. There is a lady dressed as a shepherdess, carrying a slender crook and wearing a fetching straw hat. Near to her is a fellow who is dressed in medieval fashion, as a troubadour or musician, all in red velvet. Just beyond them there is a charming couple wearing costumes from the early 1600's. I especially like the lady's satin gown, don't you? Opposite them and at the back of this gigantic room (of which we may see only a fraction) is yet another couple, this one dressed in early Regency, a time when some 18th century influences still could be found in certain clothing items for men.

Shown below first, of course, is the Scene, with 4 separate downloads, as per usual. (Complete instructions and hopefully helpful hints may be found at the first Room or Scene post, HERE.) 

Following that set of downloads are the two pretty gowns, and lastly, Tom's new evening attire.

I do hope that this new set will offer many hours of playtime fun for young and old alike.

Happy 3/4 time waltzing fun!

PPSPlaytime™: Benefit Costume Ball Scene

Display version:

Download UL section HERE
Download UR section HERE
Download LR section HERE
Download LL section HERE

Waltz Music by both Strauss and Tchaikovsky!
(my personal favorites are the ones that are by Strauss)

[LINKS to use for the purchasing of any of this album's 
tracks may be found at the home page for this video.]

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Pink Costume
Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

PPSPlaytime™: Mercy's Blue Costume
Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

PPSPlaytime™: Tom's New Evening Attire
Download HERE

Display version
(lower quality than the download)

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