Friday, September 16, 2016

Shopping with Victoria and Mercy!

Une boutique très chic !

While out shopping, the two cousins have come upon a very fancy dress shop. Mercy and Victoria, being first cousins, share a grandmother. They are determined to share costs and to lavish some nice gift or other on their Grandmother Lacey whom they both admire and love very much. Mercy's husband, Tom, is at a shop nearby having himself fitted for a new suit of clothes for his work. He might even treat himself to a dashing new opera cape over an evening suit. We shall see.

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This pretty shop was designed in the Art Nouveau style, a style that began as a sort of artistic movement in many cities during the late Victorian and even Edwardian periods of history. Its basis I have altered, for it was a poor quality old print taken from a book on design. Notice the very frilly stained glass above the door and along one wall, as well as the blue and clear glass fancy work of the two front doors along with the special window. The rug was a later addition of my own, still art nouveau in tone. I later chose a very pretty cabinet of the same style on which to display some of the shop's wares. 

Next came the same design of hat in 4 different color ways, along with stands for three of these, a few band boxes and some pretty shoes. The dress form displays the green day dress near the doors.

Included with this post is Victoria's color way version of her dear cousin's striped dress with parasol. She can wear almost any color, can't she? This was fun for me to do!  The two do enjoy dressing alike without being completely identical. After all, they are best friends, cousins, and as close as fond sisters.

Soon, their travel time will be nearing its conclusion. All too soon, it will be time once again for Victoria to attend to her studies so that she can complete her education and begin teaching. Blessed with good fortune, she hopes to become a very fine teacher and to inspire every young pupil to value every fresh opportunity to see the world, visit new places, and (most of all) to have a passion for learning. She herself has learned much during her travels about foreign customs, languages and places. She has met many different people and seen a variety of new landscapes. From now on, a number of the places shown on the maps of her atlas at home will bring back memories of times of enjoyment and adventure.

Happy Travel Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: Shopping with 
Mercy and Victoria

Display version of
boutique with dolls.

Download Upper Left HERE
Download Upper Right HERE
Download Lower Right HERE
Download Lower Left HERE

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Striped Visiting Dress
Download HERE
Display version
(lower quality than the download)

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Dorthe said...

Thank you so much for your visit to my blog,- I love your story following all the beautiful drawings of dolls and surroundings - thank you for your generosity in letting us use them all, to create with.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello Dorthe!
It's always been a pleasure to visit your wonderful blog so that i can see your very latest creations!
Thank you for your kind compliment. I love children. And most girls tend to enjoy playing with unusual dolls that have fun accessories.
I hope to see more of your pretty blog again very soon!

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