Monday, September 26, 2016

New Dragon Adventure Coloring Page

And such a fierce looking dragon, too!

The knight is bravely battling the hideous creature as it breathes its hot breath on one of his two valiantly faithful dogs. His rapidly fleeing horse is obviously leaving the scene out of sheer terror.

In spite of this, I see victory at hand in this old illustration. The knight's sword is now buried in the roaring beast's body, almost up to the hilt. The dragon has been using its long, scaly tail as a weapon. See how it has that powerful tail coiled about the knight!

There are two other Dragon coloring pages here at this blog, both listed under the category of PPSColorMe™. Two out of the now total of three are fairly scary, while the remaining one shows the dragon as already having been killed and a sister being rescued and given a victorious hug by her brave brother.

Happy Coloring Creativity!

PPSColorMe™: Dragonslayer!

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