Friday, September 9, 2016

Pretty Striped Paper Doll Visiting Dress

Mercy has a new dress!

And isn't it pretty? It had to be refitted by me from the original to this doll. I have also changed the coloration of it to reflect a different look, plus altered the parasol so that it can look white and fresh as a daisy instead of dull and grubby.

Please respect my copyrights on this altered paper doll outfit. They are listed below in the red letter Guidelines. Thank you!

©RHMcGuinn as are all of the rest of the Paper Dolls, outfits, rooms, Scenes and Accessories, including standards. Thanks for the courtesy.

Mercy, her young husband and Mercy's cousin, Victoria have been aboard a steamship which has brought them to another landing place. Can you guess where they might have gone since their exciting stay in Venice? I'll reveal the new stop on their tour very soon.

Some tips on fitting Hat Tabs to their matching hats:
It is probably best to begin with the top edge first, with the gray colored Tab against the back of the actual hat that it's matching in both shape and size. Many times, I've included decorations near the tops of hats which make good starting points for this process.
I prefer to use a really good glue stick whenever working with such paper projects, such as Yuhu brand, although I do like to keep some 3M brand in my crafting supplies and this works just as well. Please wait for the glue to dry, even if it is from a glue stick. Once it isn't tacky enough to stick to either the paper doll's head or face, just try it on the doll and keep adding bits of glue until it won't slip and slide off. 
Lastly, trim away any excess that could spoil the looks of the doll. This I think works best as a final step and using small scissors - in my case, I'll often use manicure scissors with a sharp tip for such refined work.

Happy playtime creative fun!

PPSPlaytime™: Mercy's New Striped 
Visiting Dress

Download HERE

Display version
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You are free to:
play with or give or trade
this paper doll outfit.
You are not free to:
ever sell it for any reason.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!

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