Friday, January 15, 2016

Regency Paper Doll Ball Gown in 2 Colors

Which to choose, pink or blue?

Why not choose both! This dress has been in the works for weeks and weeks. At last! Today, it has finally fitted and looked right on the new Regency Paper Doll (located at the following link HERE).

These gowns were designed to fit that Regency Doll only, and not the original Victoria Paper Doll. 

Please see the red letter Guidelines listed at the bottom of this post. Thank you.

This time around, the hair is a bit tricky. It requires a tighter fit than normal, something either a parent or older sibling might be able to help with. The hair itself has 3 tiny little tabs. These need to be carefully cut around, and then folded in behind the hair itself. The second step is the careful attaching of these 3 small tabs to the matching larger, more secure gray Hair Tab. In other words, the fit is a snug one, and it is also fairly tricky.

The next tricky part is the necklace. This is what allows the gowns to have deeper necklines than normal, while still maintaining stability in fit for the shoulders. I recommend smaller scissors, such as manicure or cuticle scissors that have tiny, curved blades for all of the tricky parts. The rest of the cutting part should look fairly easy by comparison!

Happy Regency Playtime!

PPSPlaytime™: Regency Ball Gown in 2 Colors

Download Pink version HERE

(lower quality than the download)

Download Blue version HERE

(lower quality than the download)

©RHMcGuinn as are all of the rest of the Paper Dolls, outfits, rooms, Scenes and Accessories, including standards. 
Thanks for the courtesy.
You are free to:
play with or trade or give
the above 2 outfits.
You are not free to:
ever sell them in any form or 
for any reason.
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


bfmama said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Plush Possum Studio said...

bfmama, you are welcome!
Thanks for the nice compliment.

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