Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Funny Watercolor: Visitors Gawk at a New Ceiling

A Post-Regency Cartoon

Aren't they funny?

I can imagine having run across just such a cluster of funny people with their heads all tilted back, and all looking at the same features in a brand new grand building. Of course, I can likewise imagine having been one of them!

I can also imagine how this fun little graphic could be used. The space above the heads of the people could be filled with humorous additional graphics for a fun collage. Words might also be placed in the same area. It's simply crying out to be played with, isn't it?

While this graphic's original version is in the Public Domain, this one had to be changed somewhat and updated. This does take time. Please credit Plush Possum Studio if you use it. Thank you.

Happy Playful Creativity!

PPS™ Ephemera: Post-Regency Gawkers

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