Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Her First Ice Skates

Skating in the fresh air for the very first time!

Isn't this a fun and pretty old picture?  Everybody seems to be having such a very good time. The cold weather seems to be a joy, and not a problem, for them.

When I was a little girl, I used to enjoy skating, too. In our town, there was a lake where it was safe to skate during cold enough weather, as well as a man made rink. My first skates were white. I had to save up for them, and was so very excited when I finally could wear them on the ice!

This picture is shown in two ways, original tone or sepia. Both have separate downloads below. Please read all red letter Guidelines here at this blog. Thank you. That having been said, this particular image happens to be in the Public Domain, meaning that anyone may use it for any reason. It's been reformatted and resized for a better print, and also cleaned up a little bit, by me.

This illustration from an antique magazine could likely also be colored in. My suggestion would be for clear color of some sort, or for soft treatment. Perhaps colored pencils or pan pastels might look really nice. However, ink will run if exposed to moisture, so unless your home printer or copy center offers ink which is not water soluble, I think that dry media would work better.

Happy Wintertime Creativity!

PPS™ Her First Ice Skates

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These particular images
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