Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Antique Electric Advertising

It's shocking!~Everything's electric today!

To a Mr. J.M. Riley, I want to tip my hat today. He obviously used his own patented electric comb, although not only on his scalp. And, no, he is not wearing some fancy or weird collar under his chin. That is actually a beard growing out of his neck! Don't you pity his poor wife (if he even had one)?

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Accompanying Mr. Riley and his strange contraption is a far more useful electrical apparatus: a Grafonola! 

Grafonola was the trademark name for a Graphophone record playing system invented at the turn of the last century. For more information about those machines, please follow the link HERE.

"A Precious Memory" 
by Bob Crosby and His Bobcats
on a genuine Grafonola.
(Bing Crosby's brother)

My grandmother had a somewhat more modern version of the record playing machine shown in the advertisement below. I only heard it play once or twice, as I recall. It used to sit on her old fashioned living room rug at the front of her house.

Happy Electric Creativity!

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