Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just for Fun: Beauty & the Beast ColorMe™ Page

Good Morning, all! It's about 9:30 here at the Studio, and it's time to take a wee break from our month-long Steampunk theme. I'm ready to bring out the colored pencils for this one myself!
Isn't our heroine's expression sweet? And isn't her un-beasted beast a handsome gallant? They're gazing at one another with such tenderness (ah!--young love!). And the garden is so pleasant, it's the perfect backdrop for the scene.
I just love this whole illustration. It came to us in our wanderings over at Wiki Commons, but required a little bit of work before it could be usable for most kids. It's been resized for print, cleared up, and refined a tad bit, just for fun. Hope you'll enjoy its look like I do.
Now. Time for my morning perusal of the yard and garden......
Happy Coloring!

PPS ColorMe™ Page: Beauty & Her Prince

Downloadable Version HERE

Image (prior to much fiddling by us)
Courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Ann said...

this is wonderful Rose!!! Gracie is just going to love it!!!! we've hit the "I'm bored" part of summer vacation!!! come I'm not bored?..goodness,wish it were quiet enough around here for me to be bored!!!!! oh least now she'll have something fun to do!!
thanks so much!!!! Ann and Gracie too!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: Yay! It's a winner! hope she'll love the next ones as well! you too!
And who's bored with two young children home from school, anyway? LOL

Plush Possum Studio said...

And there might be one or two for boys as well!

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