Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Collage Freebie: "Steampunk Travelog: France"

If there's one thing I love, it's a good theme. This month, our main theme has been Steampunk, with all of its different flavors. This was due to the wonderful world of Gingersnap Creations, their teaming up with Dezinaworld, and then still more fun with our friends over at The Three Muses
My copyrights apply to this post, as do those of the digital brush designers of Obsidian Dawn. Please credit us both if you plan to show and/or make anything for sale using either of the items in this post. That's Fair Use at work!
Thank you.
Needless to say, our glasses are all steamy owing to all the doings, and our accessories are now elegantly rusted and/or cogged, and even steam powered!
And, with but a few days remaining in which to dabble in our favorite color scheme, how can we resist posting along the same lines yet again? 
I mean, it's too fun to stop!
Hate Steampunk's look and theme? (I shudder to think!) fear not, good reader! For we'll be shortly back to normal, posting many more items which cannot be said to fall under the same heading. ;)
Once again, you have your choice of ways to go here. Our Digi crowd likes everything borderless, while the Collage Printables crowd prefers a wee bit of wiggle room for their home print setup.
Please look for the "PNG" feature, if you're into Digi, and for "JPG" if you're into Printables.
Happy Steampunk Crafting!

Collage Freebie
Steampunk Travelog: France

Downloadable 300dpi PNG format Version HERE

Downloadable Print 300dpi JPG (has borders all 4 sides) Version HERE

All Digital Brushes this post: Obsidian Dawn

Map image courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Altered and painted upon for you by PPS


Kim B said...

Very cool, I need to practice doing some digital art. Hope you are having a nice week. Kim x

Missouri's Lilac AJ said...

I like these. Now I just have to find the right project. THANKS!!! As always you always have AMAZING images and backgrounds!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hi Kim:
Glad you see something here you like or would want to play with!
And you have a nice week too!

Plush Possum Studio said...

AJ: Good Morning! You are sweet! So much fun, finding out how something works for one of our closest followers. That pleases me more than I can tell you.

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