Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Post for Steampunk Month!

Hi, all. It's about 11:30 here on a Sunday morning, and I'm relaxing and thinking about our new month just around the corner.
In our final tribute to this month's theme over at Gingersnap Creations, we offer 3 different sets with an edge on travel, steam style.
It's been a lot of fun, following along and keeping with our theme. I'm almost sad to let it go for a while. But, with so many new ideas, themes and fun projects to inspire me always coming to the fore in our blogosphere, I'm guaranteed of a good time year round even without Steampunking it up.
Time to bid adieu to Mona and her fab getup. We may see her lurking here a time or three before the year's end, just maybe not attired in so steam powered a manner. I love goofing on Mona! Hope you do too. ;)
Below, you'll note that, as before in our series, we've included more than one format to choose from. Our PNG sets are for strictly digital use (although they may still print, who can say), while our JPG Downloads are more easily accessed for hands-on style uses. 
Those of you who are new to us may wish to note here how our display versions (the ones you see here) are not only inferior to those Downloads available, but they aren't even print-worthy. We like to urge our readers always to choose for the higher quality versions we offer. This means you'll not only get the clarity of our best versions, but you hopefully won't be disappointed, either.
We generally set to scan at 300dpi, while the display versions on our blog are generally set at 96dpi (or our shorthand for it, "96PX"). This is calculated to make certain we aren't using too many KBs of our online storage.  Just a general heads-up so everyone will be on the same page.
Hope you're having a grand time Steampunking it with us. I've personally had enough fun to want to play with our Steampunk style all year long.
Happy Creativity!

These sets was not pre-packaged when we found them. In fact, it took weeks of searching and then processing and cleaning up to make of these sets our finished products.
We would never sell anything which you, our guests, had not given us permission to sell, and we ask that that same courtesy be given to us in return.
Otherwise, a theft would occur, or friends part ways. These sets may not seem all that valuable, but they do belong to our Studio, in that they were processed for months before being offered here for your use.
Free of charge.
Please be mindful of others' copyrights.
Thank you.

Steampunk Travel Sets

Set One
Download PPSDigiScrap™ 12" by 12" PNG Version HERE

Download Regular Set in JPG format HERE

Set 2
Download Digital PNG Format Version HERE

Download Print Version JPG HERE

Set Three
Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download Print Version JPG HERE

Credits: Images--Public Domain
Altering of same--PPS

Credits: Original Antique imagery (prior to our fiddling) from
the New york Public Library at
Also, Wikimedia Commons


1CardCreator said...

These are lovely, thank you so much! So glad I followed the link from Dezinaworld to you. I'm following in Google reader now! ~Diane

Plush Possum Studio said...

1Card: Hello! And Welcome to the world of us Possums!
So happy you were able to find us. June's such an angel, isn't she? Just love her site, too!
And yay!--you're Following us! Thank You!

Isabelle Thornton said...

Those are fun ") Talking about you on my blog!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Isabelle: Thank You, my dear. We appreciate your efforts for us.
Taking a break to mourn

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