Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Amy!!!!!

What a day it's been for the Studio. Hope our friend's birthday's been better--a truly wonderful day for her. 
Almost wasn't able to post again while it's still her birthday! Problems scanning, thunder showers cutting down on computer's use,  and our Google Docs problem of today's earlier post to finish resolving at last.
But here it is, and it's a dilly! We scanned this one at 720dpi for the Download, in honor of Amy's day. So it could be blown up to much larger than original dimensions and then mounted if one so desires. :)
Tomorrow, I hope to have for you here the wordless version as a page frame, in regular printable format as well as png for the Digi crowd's pleasure.
For right now, tho', it's time to say Happy Happy Birthday to one lovely, lovely woman who is not only fun to know, but who has a graceful way of sharing her lovely self with others.
Tho' it's almost time to call it a day,

Happy Birthday Amy!!
This one's for you!!!!!!
So sorry it took so long to accomplish!!!! We almost did not meet that objective!!!

7/20/11 P.S.:
We are adding the frame from this image in two ways today. Both are in the 720 dpi size used for this special surprise, but one has a special purpose. It is in a png format for those whose creative arsenals include the ability to manipulate imagery via digital means. This is a first here. We hope the visitor may make use of all of the versions we're supplying with this post.
It may become a tradition here--who knows?
Also, please excuse the gaps which Blogger chooses to add between our items. We have yet to figure out when this happens or how. Go figure!

Amy Jo's Antique Birthday Card
720dpi (special size) Downloadable Version HERE

720dpi Page Frame
Downloadable Version HERE

Special 720 dpi png for our Digi Artist Friends
(This means there is transparency surrounding and in the emptied area where words were)
Download through HERE

Special Scanning Courtesy PPS Archives

You are free to:
use the above images for fun or profit in your own personal artwork.
You are not free to:
repackage them in any way for sale.
Please respect our gifts for the public's use.
Thank you.


Ann said...

oh Rose!!!! how wonderful!! how special!!! now,Amy's birthday will be "immortalized" in art forever!!! if you aren't the best!!!!
this is absolutely lovely!!!!!
i'll have to make something really special with it!!!
A special piece,made by a special friend for our special friend!!!
now..everyone with a special friend can make something for them too!!
oh...this is just so wonderful!!!

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann: So glad you like her card too!!! This one's a favorite for yours truly. It's so graceful and cheery and old fashioned, just like I like them!
Not by any means near as special as the one you made for her. And I love what you did--it really has a sweetness all its own, just right for her.
And it reminded me of her love of birds as well.
Plus, something's in the works for her offline too! Not saying what it will be, just know it's a happening thing!

artistamyjo said...

Thank you Rose and gang from the bottom of my heart.
What a delightful Birthday gift from all of you. And so special that others to share.
I'm so happy things are back to normal for you !
My Birthday was wonderful and you've made it even better.

Plush Possum Studio said...

AmyJo: No--Thank YOU!!!!You are one of the few visiting us here as often as you do. We like to thank you for re-visiting as often as you can to leave us a kind comment and even just say hello.
So much of what you say makes our job worthwhile, our lives more satisfying, and our time, effort and money spent even more worth the spending.
The same could be said for Ann and a few others who continually make this job more pleasurable.
So glad your Birthday was so special. You deserve all the happiness you've brought to others, including yours truly, who has a certain artist's new original framed artwork in the front room where it can be viewed by anyone paying a visit.
Lots of love, luck and happiness for years to come!

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