Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPDATE:Blog Look Changes with a Big Thank You

As today's version of the changes here might indicate, we have had a breakthrough of major proportions, all thanks to the inspired online coaching of The Graphics Fairy, Karen (see her tutorial on the subject of the new Blogger changes and how to use them HERE). A way big Thank You!!!! to Karen for this.

Now, we obviously have some tweaking to do, involved in color changes, with perhaps a further design concept--and certainly a new banner! 

While we are learning, we ask your patience throughout this process. Rome wasn't built in a day, and this old saying would apply here. So, hang onto your hats! You can expect more changes here for a while. We hope you'll come to appreciate these growing pains we are displaying and even play along. Your feedback via comments is always most welcome.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to do our best to add to this collection, including tucking our new, downloadable versions where deemed worthy.

Today's upgrade to "Fresh, Bright Butterflies" was added just a little while ago. We hope you can make use of our offering there.

Not every post will receive the same treatment, as we have found not everything translates well into higher resolution media. However, wherever possible, our old stock is going to get corrected. It just may take some time while we parse out all the details. It is a learning experience for everybody here, but oh-so-much fun!
Happy Creating Everybody
Rose & Studio Friends


artistamyjo said...

Patience is a virtue and since i think your site is great I will be watching.
Hugs, Amy

Mina said...

I will be here every step of the way. ;-)

Plush Possum Studio said...

you guys are terrific! Thank you both for your understanding and your kind words of praise. It's taken us 3 weeks of concentrated effort to get as far as we are. hopefully, we're close to the end of the tougher parts and may count on smoother sailing.

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