Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Antique Photograph: Portrait of Two Siblings

This curiosity is a new one here at the Studio. The setting seems drowned in dark sepia, to the point where certain features vanish. There's a story on the back (which makes it clear it had been a postcard, although never sent) which documents this branch of the family. It's a pity that we can't know the rest of the story. I like the expressions on these two, so bright and full of hope. It's their new morning, and all is just beginning for both. Lovely thought. We hope you'll find lots of uses for such sweet faces.
Happy Creating!
Rose & Studio Friends

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Two Young People

Reverse Side

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives

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artistamyjo said...

love these old photo's of people. They seem to have a story all their own.
Hugs, Amy

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hey there! If you'll return shortly, we can have a much finer quality version prepared for your use.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

I too really enjoy when I find a Vintage Photo with the name of the people in it. Especaily if they are children.
These two MOST DEFINATELY look like siblings.


Plush Possum Studio said...

To Rose form Rose:
Thank you for coming by!
That list of names on the back really sold yours truly on using it for this post. Glad you liked it too.

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