Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Midterm Musings: 1910 College Math

{Note: this is one of the earlier posts at this blog belonging to me. I was still learning about such things as scanning and resolution levels. It is therefore a fairly rough, but still usable set of images.}
Here we have a visually appealing treat for all those loving things brown, crispy, unusual, well loved. One hundred and one years ago, our student ( "Mac," in this case) no doubt experienced many hours of study with the approach of every imminent exam. 
In his cracking the books, he cracked this one wide open till it came undone from the binding. Hidden within its pages are sheets of old paper, now quite nicely aged. He left behind traces of a life through his pencil notes within the pages of this slim volume. I love the plainness, how simple it is to handle and to look through. Tops with yours truly is how each page is cleverly tabbed for easier use. This would be fun to alter, for sure! But for now, let's save its original looks for posterity.
Happy Creating!
Rose McGuinn

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Midterm Musings & Math Tables

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Title Page

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Back Page
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Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use
Please give credit to this blog.

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