Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UPDATE: Better Resolution Will Soon Be Provided Here!

Dear Friends:
We are pleased to announce there will be a further system upgrade here shortly. Almost certainly, most of what we did offer the public here since our first post 8 weeks ago has been flawed, and we would like to make up for that error. Please forgive the omission.

To make everything print-worthy, however, may take us a bit of work, in that we are still continuing to offer new images for your use, while yet providing better versions of our current stock.

Our hopes are high, however, in that this time, we are assured of greater success than we'd hoped for at outset, mainly because a technical skill got added in, along with research having given us the skill to proceed better than before.

Our next set of images may well surprise you, how clear they'll become when printed. What had once turned out looking pretty paltry may well have a finer quality all around. Please bear with us while these changes occur.

So look for fresh opportunities to watch us learn and grow while we take on new challenges and enjoy our new set of skills!
Happy Creating!
Rose & Studio Friends

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