Monday, December 12, 2016

3 New Paper Doll Dinner Outfits

The mother-to-be and her cousin both have pretty new dinner dresses while Tom's outfit has been given an update.

Some of my guests here may have already noticed this fact being mentioned in a previous tea party post earlier in the season (to be found by following this link HERE).

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Tom and Mercy have a dinner date together with Mercy's younger cousin, Victoria. All three were invited to have dinner at Tom's parents' home near Kensington Gardens. Their plans are to include a discussion of a special charitable occasion that will include the refurbishing of a special health care facility located in London's East End. The place will benefit anybody who is in need of health care services, regardless of anyone's means.

The three young people chat excitedly in their hired carriage about the many plans they and their families have already made. The expectant mother, Mercy, is all aglow at the idea of helping other young mothers for years to come. For Victoria, too, this will be an exciting new adventure in her young adulthood. For Tom, this is a year round project. He is a very generous and kindhearted young man, one of the many reasons why his pretty young wife fell in love with him in the first place.

For this occasion, I have given Tom a second version of his first Evening Suit, this time with a more neutral background showing behind his trouser legs. Hopefully this will make the outfit fit into almost any of my Paper Doll Scenes.

The yoke of Mercy's pretty aquamarine maternity style dinner dress is lavishly adorned with lace and trimming. The dress itself is designed to flow from a shortened bodice, to accommodate her growing tummy. Personally, I like her matching fan and long gloves. Both lace and velvet of the bodice bring the focus to her lovely face, while her pretty floral patterned skirt is designed with ease of movement in mind.

As for Victoria, her lovely new dinner dress is of a different shade of blue than that worn by her cousin. Purchased using her first wages (for more about that short term position may be read at the following link HERE), this sweet dinner dress is one that she and her grandmother picked out and then had fun together hand decorating with beads from her grandmother's sewing box. I especially like the flattering shape of the skirts of that era, and this one is no exception. Just charming.

With hearts full of generous good cheer and minds full of many ideas, the three friends will soon arrive at their destination for the evening.

Happy Playtime Creativity!

Mercy's Maternity Dinner Dress
Download HERE
Display version
(lower quality than the download)

Victoria's New Beaded Dinner Dress
Download HERE
Display version
(lower quality than the download)

(a better version of) Tom's Evening Suit
Download HERE
Display version
(lower quality than the download)

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