Monday, June 20, 2016

Free Paper Doll 4th of July Dress

An Independence Day Gala Dress - for a British young lady!

Soon it will be Independence Day (or the 4th of July) here in the USA, but for young Victoria Lacey, it will very soon be her 20th birthday and therefore time for her to celebrate!

This has been a fun (albeit slowly produced) project for me. You see, it has been a number of weeks since I could be freely available to make anything new for this blog. I am still  taking a lot of time out for family and health reasons.

Below you will see the first in a new series of party dresses made specifically for Victoria Lacey, the paper doll. This Plush Possum Studio Original set of dresses now has copyrights in my name and in the name of this blog, as do all of my other paper doll items. Though all of them are still being offered freely, they are not to be sold by anybody, but are to remain free to the public. Please see the red letter Guidelines below as to fair use and restrictions. Thank you.

This project began with an antique fashion illustration from the 1890's era. This was then altered significantly and then enhanced whenever I had a few free minutes. In other words, I may be offering it here for free, but it has taken a fair amount of work to make it both wearable for the doll and pretty enough to look at. It never did look right when I used deeper blues and reds, so I have kept the colors lighter and a little bit brighter. This looked better on the doll overall due to her coloring.

The Story:
The particular style of longer glove to this outfit was worn often to gala events, such as a ball or a more formal dining experience, and this was done year round. 

This time, there is to be a (British) summer fund raising event meant to benefit a special hospital for retired soldiers or veterans. A number of people in Victoria's family are very much involved in the creating of this big event. Victoria and her married cousin, Mercy are a part of the committee of young women who are in charge of a portion of this Gala. For Victoria's cousin - in - law, Tom, it is to be a busy day as well. You see, he and some of his colleagues from his school days have arranged a fancy display of fireworks for the evening of the big event. Tickets for the Gala will hopefully generate funds for retired elder soldiers and their families. 

For Victoria, who is only half British and who has American relatives, this is a somewhat different kind of event. In honor of her long departed and loving parents, she will wear her red, white and blue for this occasion. This will offend no one at the event, as both the British Union Jack flag and the American stars and stripes flag are red, white and blue.

While Tom will be busy organizing the Gala fireworks display, his new bride, Mercy and her cousin Victoria will be likewise busy with their own part of the Gala. Their job is to organize and also to decorate a number of small booths. Many things are to be shown for sale in those booths. There is to be a booth specially set aside for photographic portraits, while several others will merely offer items that have been made by hand by ladies and young girls of the committee. Some of these items will include embroidered handkerchiefs and hand towels.

Victoria's Grandmother Lacey, with whom she still resides, will be offering some homemade shortbread cookies and gingersnaps at her baked goods booth. Some friends of theirs will also be contributing some of their own homemade baked goods. Mercy's younger sister, Ruth, has organized a taffy pull for young children, and any taffy that is made is to likewise be sold at Grandmother Lacey's booth. 

Any proceeds generated by these booths will hopefully add to the funding being collected for the soldiers by members of the Gala committee.

Everyone in the family is very excited about this upcoming and very special event! There is to be a big banquet before the fireworks show. After that, there is to be a ball with a fine orchestra. Note the special dance card style fan the doll is holding. I love that cute little matching pencil in its charming sleeve attached along one edge of the fan, don't you? I imagine that Victoria's little dance card fan will very quickly get written on with a gentleman's name for every one of the dances being offered.

Note: Other color ways of this dress are sure to follow, each one made to feature the various hair colors currently available for the New Look version of this paper doll. I'll be sure to share those here very soon.

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