Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Gem Tone Paper Doll Birthday Dresses

For Victoria the Free Paper Doll

Here is Set Number One in a series of new dress choices for the slightly more grown up dressing of Victoria the Paper Doll. The very first time that I saw the fashion illustration used for this new paper doll dress, I was not at all certain that I'd be able to make it work for this doll. However, with some work, I have redesigned it to fit the New Look version of the doll and also added new colors to suit her various hair color choices.

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Happily, after a certain amount of work, it finally fits the doll and also looks a bit better than it first did. Each one of the dresses below has its own matching gemstone brooch pinned to the bodice, just below the lacy neckline. I've made the dancing shoes to match each one as well. You'll note how it has a little more mature quality to its looks than the one which she was given for her 19th Birthday last year. It is also the very latest style for her 20th year celebration.

For each dress, there are 5 hair colors to choose from, each one with its own feathery decoration at the back in a matching color. She also has a matching dance card fan with its very own tiny pencil attached through a sleeve - like loop along one edge.

The Story:
As mentioned in a previous post, Victoria's 20th birthday will soon be occurring in the month of July. She is becoming a little more mature and a little more wise with each passing year. Just this last spring, she passed all of her exams quite readily. Her teachers have suggested that she become a teacher herself after some further study. 

She will want to travel first, of course, and to learn more about the world and all of its various cultures. She longs to teach her favorite subjects, foreign languages and geography! Her grandmother is entirely supportive of such an excellent career choice. Special arrangements have already been made for Victoria to travel this summer on her own modest and more updated version of the European Grand Tour.

Her newly married cousin, Mrs. Mercy DeHaven, will soon finally be able to take an extended honeymoon trip abroad with her spouse, Mr. Tom DeHaven. The DeHavens have offered to chaperone young Victoria, to give her a separate stateroom aboard ship, as well as rooms in the same hotels in which they are to be staying, and to take her with them along the way. Tom will be there for business purposes during part of the time that they are to be abroad, and so Mercy will have the companionship she'd lack without such a special family guest as her favorite young cousin along.

In the meantime, just prior to Victoria's birthday party, many things are to happen. She must add a few new items to her travel accessories for the journey, including walking shoes and a new steamer trunk, among other things. The steamer trunk is to be a birthday present from the family. This will truly be a journey worth remembering!

But more on her travels will be offered here during the coming weeks and months. Let's enjoy her birthday party first, shall we?

Happy Playtime Creativity!

PPSPlaytime™: Victoria's Gem Tone 
Party Dress Set #1

Download Garnet Gown HERE

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Download Amethyst Gown HERE
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Download Aquamarine Gown HERE
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Download Emerald Gown HERE
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Download Sapphire Gown HERE
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Dorthe said...

Thank you so much, I love reading your storie, too.

Plush Possum Studio said...

Thank you, Dorthe!
I have been busy with family a lot lately. I really miss having enough time to visit everybody's blogs.
I wrote the story one morning when I had some free time. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it.
I do hope to be able to visit your blog again very soon! I am interested in what you've been creating while I've been busy!

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