Friday, August 7, 2015

We Are Still Under Construction!

Please forgive us while we make a few further changes

It all started with a possum....
Changing this blog's look can take days, weeks, a month, or even longer, depending upon circumstances, time, and other factors of life. We began with a very basic, clean background of a plain blue-gray tone, to match the color of a "possum" artist's dress. We utilized a self portrait from the late 18th century, altering it just enough to make a bit of fun for our guests to view. She was a white possum, all dressed up in a satin gown with a straw hat on her head and an artist's brush in one paw.

I loved it, but it is old, and a bit rundown. So it was time to rethink the concept of blog design and to try and take things in a new direction.

The Atelier or Studio Background
This blog's new look has been in the works for around 2 months. It's always a learning process around here, but then this blog is all about learning and offering new things which the public may then use in artwork, projects, and crafting.

We hope that we have learned as much as we'd like to be able to, and yet, sometimes we know that we can't always reach the heights that we'd like to achieve. Learning does take time, and while it is fun, it can stall us for a while.

Even though it's not exactly what was desired from the beginning, I still really like this newest look better. We started out blogging with an artist who looked like a possum, along with her two companions in our banner, and now we have our newest design. 

And this newest design started off with two old watercolors, both antique, but from different eras. We tried mixing media on this one, yet it simply would not work, more's the pity. The watercolors we used have a slightly grainy look, but then watercolor often does have that look, doesn't it? I simply love watercolor! And this particular pairing makes sense to me.


I love the daylight that's pouring through the windows and the pretty, old fashioned furnishings. I believe that I could very easily have lived in just such a place. The high ceilings! The big windows! The sunlight! It's such a pretty place.

The easel and a few other things were added as an afterthought. Also, everything had to be altered in order that it would fit the Blogger format. The details (border widths, etc.) might take us some time to figure out, as the shape of this new background is a bit different to the Steampunk one that we'd been using for 2 months.

The New Banner
This was something which had already begun a long time ago. Its basis, the lady on the grass with her book, is from a song sheet scanned in by yours truly. In other words, it is a PPS scan, and is now in the Studio's archives. It is a favorite of mine. Doesn't she look peaceful? I like her direct gaze. Added to this were (of course) the rose (that word is a link leading to the image source, for credits, which see at that link), the ink pot and her feather pen (same as before, as that is a link). The post card (from our archives) and the leaf (in the Public Domain worldwide) were added later. Other slight alterations were made to the look of the artwork being used. 

I cannot help but wonder who this lady was, and how she came to be posing on the grass for some artist whose work was used on the cover of that old sheet music. It is obvious that it is a portrait, so a real person's story is behind our new banner. (A real mystery, never to be solved!) As this was the case in the first place, this is only natural for us, I suppose. We tend to enjoy portraits and self-portraits, and so this seemed our logical choice for today. Our first banner was all about female artists being creative.

So please bear with us while we endeavor to make this little blog's look work.

Oh goodness! Now we'll need a better button!
Happy Creativity!

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