Friday, August 21, 2015

Free Accessories for Book Artists #1

Create a Pocket for your altered book with our NEW set

This set is all about book altering, art journals and visual journals, although I suppose even some scrapbooking fans might find some fun uses for today's design.

Personally, I've played around with books for years. I've altered several, and enjoy art journals very much. I've built pockets, pullouts, doors, and altered page poems, and even once joined in altered book shows. Today's digital art crowd may find this set especially useful, as it's been offered in both digital PNG and for print JPG formats.

The shoe had to be significantly altered, but the most work was put into refurbishing the man's waistcoat front. But the embroidery! Just imagine, my friends, how many days, weeks, or perhaps months of work it took to make such garments! Even now, it sends a shiver right through me.We left out both upper and lower tabs on the waistcoat fronts, as adding any of significant size would have crowded out part of the margin we like to use. I suppose our guests might choose to add some of their own. I also like the idea of using lace or pretty tape or just plain glue in place of a tab at top and bottom. We'll leave that up to our guests this time.

Shown below, first in our line up of pictures, is but one example as to how this set might be utilized in the addition of pockets and small tucking places for altered books, art journals, or scrapbooks.

You'll notice our set might have come straight from the old courts of Versailles in France of the eighteenth century. However, in the example, we chose to mix centuries, combining the eighteenth, nineteenth, and finally early twentieth centuries in one single example. This was to offer suggestions on how to combine centuries within the same design. To allow the colors to do all of the talking made best sense.

So here it is, and I do hope this will be of some use. Please note the beige colored tabs attached to the embroidered waistcoat portions of our set. For those of us with print capabilities, the fold line is obvious between the tab and the waistcoat.

As for the pretty little shoe, the Studio's version simply cut away the shoe's interior. I think it looks tiny enough to actually fit Cinderella's foot, wouldn't you agree?

I love the hand embroidered shank style buttons on the waistcoat, and so there are several offered in the set for you to play with in your art.

We hope to soon expand our Altered Book Accessories line for you. Quite frankly, it is a favorite of this PPS artisan.

The following work was built with Public Domain material, yet it is now no longer copyright free. The design belongs to Plush Possum Studio.

Please see the red letters below for our guidelines. We prefer to keep it free for our artist friends around the world.
Happy Creativity!

One Example of Our Set's Use
(for display purposes only and at lower resolution)

PPS™ Accessory Set for Book Artists

Download Digi PNG version HERE

Download JPG Print Version HERE

When using the print version, it is suggested that any paper used be either card stock or else reinforced by something sturdier than mere paper.

You are free to:
use the above set in your own art making
for fun or for profit.
You are not free to:
make new sets using the above images for any reason.
Please respect our gifts for the public's use.
Please respect all copyrights.
Let's keep free things free!
Thank you.

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