Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Free Accessories for Book Artists

When can a fan be a pocket?

The answer for any artist would have to be, "Anytime we want it to become one!"

Our new set actually has a history of having been started years ago, prior to our rather lengthy hiatus. It has been on hold for all of this time, but was found in the Studio archives only lately. The buttons, however, are a recent addition. The style of embroidery is similar in tone, and so they seemed to go very well together for the set. We do hope that our guests will agree.

Once again, the first image may be looked at for an example as to how our image set could be used in Collage, Decoupage, Book Arts, Scrapbooking (digital or with glue), and general crafting. It is a lower resolution image, intended for display purposes only, and therefore would not print very well. It is also copyrighted, as a design, by the Studio, although we really do not mind it being used to suggest new ideas for our friends and guests online.

Quite frankly, I see scrapbookers making very fine, artist quality work all of the time. Some of the things I keep finding online in the scrapbook world amaze me with their beauty, refinement, and sheer tour de force artistry. So all of you scrappers out there--I see you as artists. I want you to know that many of your books are just as artistic and refined as many of the fine art books I've seen in some galleries.

But my first love would have to be book design and book altering, along with art journals, collage, and general art making. I used to yearn for higher quality images to add to my supplies, and would hunt them down everywhere that I could think of.

Please note that this set began with online images that are within the Public Domain. However, any work involved makes this our baby, as it were. 

Please read the red letters below for our guidelines for use.
Happy Creativity!

One Example of How to Use Our Set

Single Fan with Buttons Set
Download Digi PNG version HERE
Download For Print JPG version HERE

Download Set with 3 Sizes and Buttons in Digi PNG version HERE

Download Same Set in For Print JPG version HERE

You are free to:
use the included images in your own art making for fun or for profit.
You are not free to:
sell them in sets which you have made.
Please respect our gifts for the public's use.
We thank you for your cooperation.
Let's keep free things free!

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