Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Free Tag Set in Retro Colors

Retro 1980's Tag Set

This was easy, as I myself had already begun the process of creating some new tags. I had already made the template from old ephemera, then simply added color using Photoshop. This was fun!

This particular free set was actually inspired by a new scrapping buddy, Devon Lee.

I liked the colors she was showing at her G+ post, and simply finished the tag set I'd already begun using her color way.

Thanks, Devon, for the fun and the colorful inspiration!

Here's that set for you. You are under no obligation whatsoever to ever use anything produced here at PPS. I won't take offense if you can't use anything you see here. For the rest of the public, this is totally Free, and without any copyrights attached. In other words, it will now be in the Public Domain.

Let's keep free things free with our
Happy Creativity!

PPS™ Retro Style Tag Set

Download Digi PNG HERE

Download JPG For Print version HERE

Display Copy (Lowered resolution)


Devon Lee said...

Thanks so much for celebrating me on your blog. My project is early 80s personal history scrapbook pages. The photo processing is still held over from the 70s, so the bold colors the 80s are known overpower the photos. Once I complete the project, I'll share pages at my website A Patient Genealogist.

Plush Possum Studio said...

I really like your website, and have already been there to see some of what you've been creating, I like genealogy, too! I also like history and art. When we put all of these together, I am really pretty pleased. So you've given me new opportunities to try something s a little different.
You might say that it is all your fault! LOL

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