Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to Our Plush Possum Studio Home!

I'm Rose McGuinn, and this is our first upload for you the reader. In future, I hope to be uploading graphics to be used freely by anyone wishing to work with the digital imagery our studio finds to post. I'll be interested to hear your ideas and comments as we grow together creatively. FREE ephemera and lots of ideas for us to share are what it's all about!
Lots more ephemera will hopefully be offered by yours truly upcoming, but for now, here's a little something for you courtesy of the Plush Possum .
I found the piece of a leather book cover from the late 1880's at a curiosity shop for book lovers. It was almost ready to fall apart, but I couldn't resist its color and shape. This is only the beginning here, where we hope to continue providing fresh approaches to uses of all the ephemera you collect here.
The view of the second of the two freebies featured in today's post was actually never meant to be seen. It was merely used as a liner for the leather, which had padding underneath, followed by book board (a kind of tougher bookmaking cardboard). Like finding a double surprise! The rest of the book is falling apart as well. I hope to feature at least two of the pages from it here at one point.
Hope you'll find more than one reason to enjoy today's pairing!
And Happy Creativity form our home studio to yours!
Rose McGuinn, blog hostess

Always be sure to click once on an image
for its larger version--you'll get a better quality image to use.

Outside Leather Old Book Cover 

Paper Lining of Old Book's Leather Cover

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use

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