Friday, January 21, 2011

Seed Ephemera with Fun, Free ATC Backgrounds for you to use!

NOTE: Upgraded Version currently unavailable. We hope to have it ready for use next month. Thank you for hanging in there for us during this transition.These seeds caught my eye today. I just love their colors, textures, and the detail included. Couldn't you see the seeds in their groupings as backgrounds for ATC's? I just love that idea! So I'm including two cropped singles of my favorites for you out of the same illustration for that purpose. Also, I could see the Butterflies we just put up yesterday as working in the same colorway. Might be fun to combine the two within the same pages of, say, your visual journal or altered book!

Click on an image for its largest size(s)

Seed Illustration
(whitened background)

same illustration
(yellowy background)

ATC from detail

ATC #2 from detail

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use

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