Sunday, January 23, 2011

FREE ORIGINALS SUNDAY: Hearts Within Hearts + Fun Frame Graphics for you to use!

Dear Friends: We are just as happy as can be you like our designs here at PPS. There's just one thing, however, we would like to share before it is too late. The designs you see here, prior to our changeover to better settings for our scanner and equipment, programs, etc., may well have been faulty from the start. This error is now being corrected. However, it may not be correctable in all cases. This particular offering has been found to be faulty for printing. It may, however, still be used via digital art-making, just not as a print-worthy option. Please see our newest and upgraded selectios, all of which will be noticeable via the "Download HERE " or "Downloadable Version HERE" phrases. New to our site? DO be selective with your choices. As we are in the process of changing our lineup for you all, it may yet take some time to come full circle to give our best.
We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to bring you better products in future.
Thank You
Your Friends at The Studio
Here at our studio, we like to play with all these images until they become a whole new way of expressing ourselves. It's just like being a kid with a whole new, fresh box of crayons to use!
Today's theme should take us right on into Valentine's Day, with its warm tones and graceful lines. Wherever possible, I will include a brush producer's name, along with their web address.
We hope our first offering will please you and give you a lift.
While they are FREE  to be used, we respect others' rights when blogging and using the works of others. We'd appreciate the same thought for our team here when others use our fresh works. Works like these have never been published before. Please respect our point of origin if you use anything here by crediting our web address along with any links applicable.

In other words, they are for home use alone and not for sale.

Please try and check out the following two LINKS for artful brushes of all kinds:

Obsidian Dawn


Magical Viper

The finished images you see below are
©Plush Possum Studio

Click on any chosen image for larger view(s)

here's something for your own embellishment

and something simpler for you to play with

Another Frame

And two hearts for the finale!

Scanned Imagery courtesy PPS Archives
Free for Public Domain Use


Ann said...

how did i miss these beauties Rose? I downloaded all of them!
where was I?
who was I?

Plush Possum Studio said...

Ann:LOL!! You hadn't found this place yet, remember?
Our quality control when this one first went up had not developed. So, better look carefully at our resolution + printability.

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