Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Fun Frames for Scrappers (Digi or Print)

More of our Favorite Things

I love old post cards, old postage stamps and old ephemera in general here at PPS. In the past, I've offered the public many choices for playing around with such a theme.

It is a fun theme!

Today, I offer a new Frame Set for both DigiScrapping as well as for Collage of all sorts. I do hope you'll enjoy this particular gathering of images, and find them of use to you in the creating of new works of art.

I've used mainly the Studio's own archived images in order to make this set, although a few additional things did get used this time. Notice the detailing added, all of it in Photoshop. I've spliced a lovely old record album sleeve portrait of an opera star wearing a fabulous hat to one side on two of these frames. Scanned by me, she has been waiting for a chance to star in one of my designs. She may yet find herself in some other works by me here later on as well.

Also used were some old postage stamps. I do try and offer guests enough choices per set for the joy of it. The far left frame is 3 inches by 5 inches in size, while the rest do vary. The faux Photoshop generated buttons I've made from ephemera and postage stamps are all now available in a wider variety of sizes for this set exclusively. I do love accessories!

Though every image used in this particular set currently has Public Domain or copyright free status, please remember to attribute the Studio if you use any of this work.  I ask also that the sets here never be redistributed or repackaged for sale at all, ever. They are a gift from me to the public. Thank you for respecting my wishes in this matter with your
Happy Creativity!

NOTE: Set margins on printers at around 1/4 or a fourth of an inch, as margins are 1/2 or half an inch.
This will hopefully improve chances for a better print copy.

Download Digi PNG Version HERE

Download For Print JPG version HERE

Display Copy (Lower Resolution)

You are free to:
use the above images in artwork for sale or for fun.
You are not free to:
redistribute or repackage anything from this set in any way.
Please respect my gifts to the public.
Thank you.

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