Friday, July 31, 2015

Cooling Off with Arctic Ice

The hot weather is here!

I do think it is funny how the month of August has so often been called "the dog days." We pant, we enjoy cold drinks loaded with ice cubes, and we like to get into the cooling water. We also tend to take siestas on hot afternoons during this warmer time of year.

So let us, by all means, cool off together by visiting the Arctic regions this afternoon!

Below you will see a charming seascape with ice. We offer this cleaned up and ready to print in standard business size. Though some work and time were involved, this was not that difficult a project to complete. Hey! It's hot out there, and I am taking it easy this weekend!

Here's a Thought:
One fun idea for those with the right printer or copy/extension center would be to add a coat of watercolor paper medium to the surface of your printer paper prior to printing (allowing this to dry thoroughly first, of course). After that, a few light washes of color might be added using watercolors. Another thought would be to copy your own personal home office copy using a toner style copier at the copy center, then apply the finished product to some heftier paper using matte or gel medium, and then follow that process with a bit of pigment mixed into the same medium that you've already chosen already. This would be one possible way to achieve a similar look.

Colored pencils might obscure some of the more subtle grey tones to be found in this old engraving, although the color effects might work out quite well, depending on the skills of the artist.

I love the Aurora Borealis in the sky, the way the whale is leaping out of the water, and the sea lions playing on the ice, don't you? The ship in the middle distance is likewise charming.

We hope that you'll enjoy cooling off with us today with your
Happy Creativity!

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Sim said...

Ooooooh, thank you so much for this coooooool image.
It's so hot here too!
(Have a good soft and happy time sweet heart! :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

It's always so good to see one of your comments here!
Thanks, my friend! And let's keep cool this weekend, shall we?

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