Thursday, July 9, 2015

Free Paper Doll Birthday Dress

Victoria's Amethyst Birthday Party Dress!

It is Victoria's birthday this week, and let us celebrate the occasion with a brand new dress for her. This took a great deal of fiddling, as well as hours of work, sweat and fuss. It had to be done in easy stages, due to time limitations. It is hoped that all of the additional work has been well worth it.

From the amethyst purple bodice and sleeve "wings" to the toes of her matching satin shoes, this is a very special outfit for our Victoria paper doll. I've achieved everything you see here by combining several different images, altering each one significantly. (Please see our image credits below)

The equation might look a little something like this:
Old magazine fashion plate + found images of fan, pearl rimmed old locket, amethyst ring, and rug + much time, fuss and changing using Photoshop = our finished product!

With different lace added at both neck and sleeves, a completely refreshed look to the skirt and bodice, and the addition of fresher gloves, the outfit began to take better and better shape. Tailoring came next. This took hours to complete, yet has been so very much fun! Please note: The dress has since been given a few touches of color in order to make it look a little more clear for the printer. We are sorry that we did not catch these issues over quality before, but are now ready to offer a slightly updated version of the dress at our revised link, below. Thank you for your patience.

Next was added the pretty little mother of pearl fan, dyed to match her outfit and shoes. This took much altering as well, but it seems to have been worth the effort. Note the tiny little pencil tucked into a bit of cloth at one end of the fan. One simply had to keep a pencil to hand in order to write dance partners' names into one's dance card! To have it match an outfit in such a manner was one way for adults to distinguish their daughters. In this case, both the outfit and the fan were birthday gifts from Victoria's Aunt Martha, whom she has been visiting for the summer in Virginia Beach, VA, USA. (At summer's end, she is due to sail back across the Atlantic to her home in Great Britain, where the British side of her family awaits. But more on that later.)

The brooch, borrowed from her grandmother's jewel box, she wears near her gown's neck, and this we made by combining pearls from an old locket with the amethyst from a beautiful ring. There are likewise pearls in the bracelet on her gloved right wrist. The carpet upon which she is stepping is in her Aunt Martha's hallway, just outside the door to the dining room. Once beyond that door, she will find a bouquet is being handed to her, and the table already laid for a lovely buffet. Even her favorite lemon ice is being served at the party, all to please her for this very special day.

She is now 19, and while old enough to marry, she may choose instead to first travel, study, and get to know herself a little bit better. This does not mean that she has no partner of choice for her dance. In fact, she has several admirers, including one young scholarly fellow with whom she may soon go boating. Her Aunt Martha, as her chaperone, must accompany the two young people on the excursion, of course!

Below please note our display version, set at a lower resolution than our download.

Let us raise a glass of punch in a toast to our dear Victoria Lacey in honor of her nineteenth birthday! Three cheers for Victoria!
Happy Playtime Creativity!

Please be observant of others' rights, and carefully read any licensing at the website links included below this picture.
Thank you.

Victoria's Amethyst Birthday Party Dress
Download HERE

Original Fan image copyright free
Rug altered by us from an image by Bomshanhochun found HERE.
(please read copyrights there)
Pearls altered by us from an image offered HERE.
(again, please read the license there beneath the image)
Amethyst stone adapted by us from an image by Juppi66 found HERE.
(Once more, please be respectful of the copyright holder. Thank You.)
Original fashion plate image altered by PPS Public Domain at NYPL

You are free to:
use the above image and/or the download  we offer
in playtime or in the making of your own art for fun
You are not free to:
repackage for sale any of our paper doll outfits, or the doll itself.
These are our gifts for the public's use.
Please respect our gifts and the public, as well as the copyrights inherent within our designs.
Thank you.

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