Thursday, June 25, 2015

Free Swimming Graphic

Let's go swimming today!

Here is an old swimming graphic from 1890's France. It's been altered somewhat in order to make it hopefully a little more usable than before. The original was a bit messy, and so needed cleaning up and freshening.

It may well be that this was considered a slightly bawdy cartoon in its day, but we will never know, as jokes do change through time.

I love to look at all of the fashions that they wore! But would we be comfortable wearing such outfits today? Believe it or not, they were mostly made of knitted worsted wool. That must have been an itchy and very warm experience indeed. I actually was once able to closely observe a man's swimming suit from the very early 1900's and, while it had been cleverly constructed, it looked very uncomfortable to my modern eyes. But then, most modern day clothing frees our bodies and most nineteenth century clothing was extremely confining.

I think that today we'd all much prefer our modern cottons with stretchy spandex or latex to those old "bathing costumes," don't you?

But no matter. Let's all enjoy today's swimming lesson with our
Happy Creativity!

1890's French Swimming Graphic
Download HERE

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by repackaging it for sale in any way.
Please respect our copyrights and those of others.
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Thank you.
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pchickki said...

Thank you so much
This will be useful in my next challenge "Summer"

Plush Possum Studio said...

pchikki: You are quite welcome! We are happy to oblige!

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