Sunday, June 7, 2015

Free Father's Day Baseball Graphics (Part 1)

PPS goes to the Ball Park for you this weekend, and with not a single moment to lose! After all, in just two weeks' time, we will be celebrating our American Father's Day.
But this is also Baseball season, so we have decided to run the bases in hopes of making a home run with free summertime sports graphics for our guests.
Our first offering features some of baseball's all time greats. 
From left to right, they are as follows:

1.) Satchel Paige, one of the finest pitchers America will ever see

2.) Chick Keating, shortstop (that is one tough role to play!) for two clubs (Cubs and Phillies)

3.) Babe Ruth, a superior hitter, known for hitting 714 career home runs, and considered to be one of the all time greats of the game

4.) Jackie Robinson, who played in a total of 6 World Series, and who began in the old Negro League, eventually having a stellar career playing Major League ball

As for our silhouette, this had to be completely overhauled, and it took about a total of 7 hours to clear up all of the jagged edges and messiness in order to remanufacture it for use. All of our work on it will therefore be copyrighted. (Please see our guidelines, below, in red)

First up, we offer our classic sized printable, followed by its Digi partner. Then we will offer you a 12 by 12  Digi set, with two silhouettes instead of one. 
These sets will be followed by more, next time in full color. 
We hope to have hit a real "homer" with our initial set for you today.
As per usual, all of these have at least 1/2 inch margins, if not more.
Happy Father's Day Creativity!

American Baseball Greats
Download HERE

American Baseball Greats Digi PNG Version
(Same size)
Download HERE

(same as above, but without any background, and ready for digital processing)

12inch by 12 inch Digital PNG Version
(same as above, but which features two ballgame crowd silhouettes instead of one)
Download HERE

Image sources:
Library of Congress
Wikimedia Commons
(please attribute as per Wiki Licenses)
We will list links here at our earliest convenience

You are welcome to:
use these images in your artwork for fun or profit provided we (for the silhouette in this case) and Wikimedia Commons (photo links will be provided shortly) are given credit 
(a link to our site would be nice, thank you)
You are not welcome to:
Repackage any of these items for sale in any way.
Please respect the work we are giving the public.
Please respect the rights of the public, as well as the rights of the image providers over at Wikimedia Commons.
Thank you for cooperating in this matter.


June Macfarlane said...

Love these they are great for the summer my friend. Also love the frames you posted too.
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beginnings of summer.
Thanks so much for posting the Dezinaworld image up but i need to find something new as it no longer links to my blog which is new. I will try and sort out a new one but it may have to be added manually with blogger tools and linked as the last ones were made for me with code etc and i can't do the code myself.

Hugs June x

June Macfarlane said...

PS. just added PP to my Dezinaworld and crafting blog x

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello my friend!
THANK YOU so much for featuring PPS at your site!!!!!
Also, as a matter of fact, I switched the URL so that your button here does lead to your "15" site!
Check it out!
Works for us!

Plush Possum Studio said...

I have to take that back!
Now it takes me back to PPS--in other words, the link goes here--to Plush Possum!
Very strange.

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