Monday, June 29, 2015

Free Frames: Steampunk or Regular

Free Diamond Encrusted Frames

Which do you prefer here, our Steampunk version, or the Diamond Frame on its own? 

I've said it before, that we here at PPS™ really enjoy pleasing our guests. We've had some of this stuff hanging around the Studio for quite some time, and only just now are getting around to bringing it out for you. Our cache of goodies isn't vast, yet it can be fun to search the Studio's archives for new free gifts for the public.

The base for this is an 18th century miniature portrait frame. We added a few touches here and there, and removed the king's portrait from it. In the upper righthand corner of our Steampunk version, you may see a gauge from Dezinaworld's June (see her button for Dezinaworld 15 to the left of this post--it is a truly fun place to find wonderful image sets). We here have been big fans of June's for years.

The lower left corner has the face of an antique stopwatch (Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain and fixed to fit), while above that we have our own watch face from Plush Possum stock. 

Lower right is another form of face, one familiar to anyone into dirigibles, or airships. Whoever tells me first who he was will win a handshake from yours truly and top honors from this Possum affiliate.

The original antique frame is all hand tooled leather, and exquisitely made, with diamonds everywhere. It already had too much decoration as it was, and so of course, one step further became even more fun. We offer it here 3 ways, one in ATC size and in PNG as well as JPG formats (ATC size in PNG format only--sorry--yet these should print for you just fine).

The center portion is an irregular shape, and far from perfectly symmetrical. Other flaws are in the way in which a few of its diamonds are now no longer as intended. It's semi irregular in shape, obviously, and even a little bit crooked. All the same, it's a fascinating slice of the past, and I love it. 

For those of you with no interest in Steampunk, included here is the frame without any gadgets.

We hope you'll enjoy these frames in either style with your
Happy Creativity!

Diamond Studded Frame (Steampunked)
Download HERE

Digi PNG Version  HERE

Diamond Encrusted Leather Frame
Download HERE

Digi PNG Version HERE

ATC Size
Download PNG HERE

You are free to:
Use our frames in artwork for fun or profit.
You are not free to:
repackage them for sale in any way.
Please respect our gifts for the public's use.
Thank you.


June Macfarlane said...

Oh that is wonderful my friend. Really a beautiful piece you have created here. Just shared it on google.
Hugs June xxx

Plush Possum Studio said...

Great minds think alike--just shared the latest about you over at G+.
You've always been so generous with us possums.
Hugs to you my friend!

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