Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twitter Backgrounds in Bridal Colors + News from our studio

We know our visitors have been enjoying  tweeting with us using our new free Twitter background sets, so we came up with a few more to post for you. Included here are four pretty pastels with lace panels and pale veiled centers.
You can find more new ways of tweeting with our backgrounds in our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using these four new backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

NOTE: These designs may or may  not fit the new format over at Twitter. Bear with us! We are exploring other options and hope to figure out what to do about the changes there very soon!

An added Note from our studio:
PPS is going to have to go offline for a time due to some technical difficulties. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope you'll explore our Categories List while we're away.

PPSTweetsWithYou™: Lacey Bridal Backgrounds

Download HERE

Background Color: #C9B1EA
Color Coordinated Link Color: #E8E0F5

Download HERE

Background Color: #FCB7DD
Color Coordinated Link Color: #FEDAEE

Download HERE

Background Color: #A8D1F3
Color Coordinated Link Color: #DFECF5

Download HERE

Background Color: #EBC0B6
Color Coordinated Link Color: #F8E9E5

Credits: Digital Brushes by Obsidian Dawn, and expectacularmix.


Sim said...

But... where are you?

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh no! More computer problems? and I just got my Domino book up on my site. Thank you again for the Steampunk images. I did a link back
to your blog . Hope you get lots of new traffic.
hugs Lynn

Dezinaworld said...

Hello my lovely friend :)
Its been a while but wanted to pop by and say hello and let you know I havent forgotten you.
These backgrounds are so pretty, i think great minds think alike, i have some i made ready to post but just havent had time yet to do that, will try and post them this evening.
I am so sad that i have missed so much and hope to catch up a little soon. hope you are well too my friend
hugs June x

Plush Possum Studio said...

My two Lynnes! And dear Sim, too! We are in the middle of some real heavy duty changes here at our studio, and hope that you'll be patient with us for a while longer.
So sorry to have had to be off line for such a long, long time! :(
Take care, all! I really miss you!
Rose said...

Just stopping by. I don't tweet - have no idea what anything in that looks like (except I see you have some images posted in an earlier post, aha!) Anyway - neat backgrounds here and I scrolled through others you posted previously.

I sure hope everything's okay and that the technical situation clears up for you. Take care! Jenn

Jasmine Kyle said...

I would love to extend a hand to you and your friends to join my Jane Austen Contest! We have wonderful prizes and it begins today here are the blogs participating! Hope to see you there!

Abdullah Al Faisal said...

Nice color Combine
Clipping Path

total12 said...

Included here are four pretty pastels with lace panels and pale veiled pack download

Sim said...

Hi Rose,
Where are you Hun?!
I miss you...

Plush Possum Studio said...

Hello everyone!
Lots of computer problems plus several health issues have kept us from posting anything new for years!
We hope to extend the hand of friendship to one and all and to offer some new images this summer.
Thank you'll for caring and for hanging in there for us even while we were offline.

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