Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our First Free Twitter Backgrounds!

We may now offer you free new themed ways in which to tweet: Chocolate Caramel Fudge; Sunshine & Butterflies; and Purple Dream. The first is a personal favorite, so much so it is now this possum's Twitter background.
Soon, we'll be tweeting quite regularly ourselves, including about all the latest news on PPS's ever growing stock of imagery. We hope you'll join us there for more fun.
Below, you'll note that not only are our backgrounds downloadable, but their screen shots are also on display for you, just a trifle foreshortened due to the positioning of the "dock" at the bottom of the screen of  this possum's home computer.
Also, we list the correct background color numbers to enter in the two slots provided at Twitter, one for the background, and one for the Links. That way, you'll have everything color coordinated to match.
Note: We have other new ways of tweeting in our Twitter background category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope to offer you many more choices as we go along, for fresh and seasonal looks on twitter. These were just by way of a little experimentation. I could see teenagers going for our purple color scheme, and moms going for our chocolate lovers' theme.
Enjoy your next tweet with your--
Happy (Twitter background) Creativity!

Our chocolate Twitter background, showcased below, was no longer fitting on our return to Twitter recently. Please bear with us while we experiment using the new format twitter is currently using.

Chocolate Lovers' Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: 352003

Color Coordinated Link #: C8AE8C

How it looks on our screen

Sunshine & Butterflies Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background Color #: F4E37D

Color Coordinated Links #: C2A740

How it looks on our screen

Purple Dream Twitter Background

Download HERE

Background COLOR #: 8442C9

Color Coordinated Links #: 9962D2

How it looks on our screen

Credits: Digital Brushes by Nadine Pau from Brusheezy, and Obsidian Dawn
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