Monday, May 21, 2012

Denim & Batik Backgrounds

Note: this is an older post. The twitter backgrounds you see here are possibly not working for others today, as Twitter changed their formats.
In spite of this fact concerning Twitter, I think that any of these designs might be cute when used as computer desktop backgrounds or in crafting.
Please respect all copyrights listed at the foot of this post by following the red letter Guidelines shown. Thank you.
Now, here's that old and out of date post for you:

We've recently put our collective toe in the water over at Twitter here at PPS, and so are experimenting with the many fun ways it is possible to decorate one's Twitter background.
Once we had mastered the concept (see our first experiments HERE), we were hooked!
So here we have a bouquet of brightly colored "embroidered" and "batiked' backgrounds for you, some with a real denim basis.
Background Colors you may use along with these:
Denim: #617AB2       Paisley Batik: #9412B4 or 5FAC5     Embroidered Tie Dye: 8B34CE
Color Coordinated Link #s:
Denim: (We recommend white for this one, which is neutral) #FFFFFF
Paisley Batik: (same) #FFFFFF
Embroidered tie Dye: (likewise) #FFFFFF

This was a fun project--I felt like I had traveled via time machine back to my embroidered jeans era.
You can find more fun ways of tweeting by accessing our new category, PPSTweetsWithYou™.
We hope you'll enjoy tweeting using any one of our new free Twitter backgrounds with your--
Happy Creativity!

NOTE: These may or may not fit twitter's new format. at our own Twitter account, our chocolate one no longer will fit. Please bear with us while we experiment and learn in order to provide you with the best fitting backgrounds for Twitter that we can!

Denim & Batik Twitter Backgrounds

Paisley Batik

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Blues

Download HERE

Rainbow Embroidered Denim

Download HERE

Embroidered Tie Dye

Download HERE

Rainbow Denim Filigree

Download HERE

Rainbow Paisley Denim Blues

Download HERE

Credits: Digital Brushes by fidget resources and iNDOdREAMIN

You are free to:
use any of the designs shown in this post
although never for profit.
Please credit every artist.
(That would include me too)
Thank you
for helping me to
keep free things free!


Sim said...

So so so beautiful!!! :)

Plush Possum Studio said...

Sim: Thanks! We're very pleased you enjoy this post's offerings!

Abdullah Al Faisal said...

So Gorgeous ,
Clipping Path

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